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August 1, 2001
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Lucky Day

7:14 pm: I got a good five hours of work in today, between the morning trip in and two other meetings. Jet was great and napped between meetings, and had fun talking and squawking during my last meeting while everyone was doing a code review. Luckily, they all expected it.

Jet had a pretty good night. He was up twice, but ate steadily at both, and had a bottle besides. He got up at 12:20 and at 3:15, and then didn't get up until 7:45! That was quite the surprise. I think that the overcast morning really helped with that. He ate off me, while John showered and had breakfast, and then John took him to Joan's while I finished my breakfast and then went into work.

The meeting was pretty fun, then I had my 1:1 with Bill, which had interesting questions and thoughts, and, finally, instead of having lunch with folks, as most of the folks that regularly did the lunch weren't up to going anywhere today, I just went home and had lunch there. I looked some stuff up and did a few other things before running over to get Jet at quarter until 1. I had plenty of time to settle Jet and I in then, and we then had my meeting at 1.

Jet had had a good day at Joan's. He discovered Haley's sippy cup and actually sucked juice from hers. Joan called me at work to ask if it would be okay to give Jet apple juice in a sippy cup. I said that'd be fine, as he's had 100% apple juice in his cereals, and he's had apples with no problem. I'm really glad Joan asks these things, it makes it easy to know what she doesn't do without asking.

Jet was so sleepy after four hours of playing at Joan's with only a half hour nap break that he pretty much nursed in his sleep from 1-2 and then napped from 2-3 while I did some research for my meeting at 3. He woke up for that meeting, and talked up a storm while I was quiet trying to listen to everyone else. That got a lot of laughter. John arrived just as my meeting was ending and took Jet cheerfully.

The rain arrived soon after that. Hoorah! Though parts of Colorado do have flooding and a tornado watch, right here it's just cooling everything off really well. The brought a lot of cool air and a very cool evening. I really liked that.

Dinner was taco meat, refried beans, tomatoes, and avocado on tortillas or flat bread. Emptying the freezer or refrigerator is the near-term goal of all this. There is just a lot of stuff we've store for a while and it is good to use the icy ground beef, the old flat breads, and all the fresh produce we can that just doesn't get better with age. It actually made for a really good dinner. I used Penzey's taco spice for the meat, and it was very tasty.

After dinner, John fed Jet bananas and peas, this time he tried the peas first, and Jet ate a good deal of those. I baked some frozen cookie dough because it was cool enough to bake something. Both John and I wanted cookies, and it was simple to do. John had been thinking of making peanut butter cookies, but I beat him to it.

Nothing of big import today. Other than getting a lot more work than normal in fairly easily. That felt kind of nice. I also got one busy-work task during the development meeting, and I'll have something to do tomorrow that's pretty straightforward and with a quick and easy goal. The bigger tasks I've been given are so nebulous that they've been depressing me mildly. I'll have more incentive and concrete goals soon enough.

9:23 pm: Thank goodness I'm lucky. I went upstairs just to put one of Jet's blankets away, and there was this SNAP and I saw and arc of electricity at the skylight of Jet's room. Then the sky cracked open with an instantaneous roar of thunder right overhead. I was only a yard or two away from the arcing lightning and barely a foot away from the metal crank extension hanging from the skylight.

I think I've seen my first lightning bolt, up close and personal. John said that the TV fuzzed the instant before he heard the snap just before the roar of thunder right overhead.

Jet was completely unperturbed.

I was shaking for the next hour. My.

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