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August 9, 2002
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Donuts and Costco

8:46 pm: Jet had a mildly rough night, so when he woke up at 6:30, I nursed him, and then let him run around while I put myself together. I could hear him, so I trusted him on the ground floor of the house while I brushed my teeth, put my contacts in and got dressed. Then I strapped him into his car seat, gave him h is sippy cup and we headed out to Dacono.

We stopped by the donut shop and got donuts. The lady was great and got Jet his six donut holes, first, so he was happily busy with those while I figured out what I wanted to get. I bought myself a 'pine cone' which is a deep-fried cinnamon roll with cuts in it to simulate pine cone bits, and a blueberry cake donut. I couldn't quite remember what John usually got, but I thought it was an apple fritter and an old-fashioned. When the lady got to the old fashioned, she asked me, "Do you mean frosted?" and I shook my head, thinking hard, "Uhm... no... I think plain." She gave me a look and then nodded and got me the plain one.

Turns out, of course, that John usually gets the frosted old-fashioned, and I guess she remembered that. I'm impressed. Then again, maybe it's Jet that's the memorable one.

When we got home, John got up and was showering while Jet and I made it through the door. So I made coffee, and when John came out he had his donut and coffee and I had my donuts and coffee, and Jet ate all but two halves and started throwing them around. So Jet got to stop for a while. Then we took Jet over to Joan's, and both John and I settled into work.

I got my status done. I go through a 1:1 with my boss and, like last year, the list of things to be done this year seems endless. It's kind of amusing watching her get into the juggling act as well, and when she thinks she's done she has another three things to talk about. We talk. It's good. I'm glad to have a boss that now wants me to talk, too. I'm very glad of that. I think that the new relationship is working out well.

Work, get Jet while John was in a meeting, nurse him, get him to nap, then work for a while until Jet woke up. Then I played with him, tried to feed him something more nutritious than graham crackers from the box he finds in the pantry and when that fails, nurse him a bit. Then John played with Jet for a while as I worked for half an hour before heading out to CeLena's and getting my butt kicked.


I should admit it.

I have stress.

I have huge muscle stress. I do things that people shouldn't do to their bodies and I do it often. My arms were such a mess that when CeLena just touched them they hurt. My jaw was even worse. All this time I'm thinking that there's something wrong with my teeth? Well, it was, more likely, my jaw muscles that were hurting from all the clenching I must be doing. Or something. CeLena presses on this spot and asks me to open my mouth. It's like the whole side of my face lights on fire. It's excruciating. Ugh.

Nearly the whole massage is like this. Fighting tension, knots, and other nasties. I really have to find another way, I think. This is just too painful and I'm having too many massages where all we do is fire fight all the things that are hurting like mad.

When I get back, the house is quiet, John's sitting in the rocking chair, zombie like in front of the TV. He says Jet's asleep. So he goes to sleep on the couch while I go back upstairs and try to get some work done. I'm behind this week.

I work until about 7. Jet's woken up and gone for a walk with John. They've even gotten back. So I make 'dinner' after talking with John about getting delivery for a while. One of our local Mexican places purportedly makes awesome nachos. We can make awesome nachos. Blue corn tortilla chips, taco meat and beans, and grated cheddar on top. Mash an avocado with fresh salsa, put a scoop of plain yogurt on the side, and we have dipping frenzy.

Jet sat in my lap and picked beans and meat and cheese off the nachos and ate that. John also managed to feed Jet a cup of straight coleslaw. So Jet has had his veggies for the week. Carrots and cabbage. I'm glad he likes something that's vegetable and not just meat, legumes and cereals.

After dinner we went to Costco as our answering machine/wireless phone has been gradually getting worse and worse. We're getting messages that cut out in the middle because the receiver gets the voices so softly that the machine just stops recording because it thinks there's silence on the other end. We needed something that could pick up voices better. So we went to Costco, got a twenty five dollar version. We also got a gallon of artichoke hearts for casseroles, dips and pizza. A big bag of pork potstickers by Ling Ling, as the pork ones were new to Costco. We also got our usual bales of toilet paper, and Jet pushed the whole thing by the checker and by the lady who checks receipts against items.

It was pretty funny, as he was face to ground pushing with all his might, as we go by the lady with the receipts as she's trying to see if we got what we paid for and she says, "Wow! You have a little helper!" That was pretty funny, as Jet's not stopping for her. She did her check quickly and handed it to John and Jet took the cart off to the car.

Jet's been just happy. He's been dancing at anything and everything, laughing, playing, and trying all kinds of things. He's exploring the yard, walking everywhere and anywhere. He's figured out that in some places he must hold someone's hand, and he doesn't fight that anymore. I'm glad of that. He loves his doodle pad in the car, and grins and plays with it and shows me drawings every once in a while before erasing them and doing it all again. He entertains himself in the car, far more easily than before.

It's very cool.

It was also very nice that even with the extra nap, keeping him out at Costco a bit later did the trick and he went to sleep no problem. Whew. I can hope that the weird sleep cycles are over, and he won't be doing the two hours up for a while thing as much if at all anymore

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