Liralen's Adventure Through Life
August 2002
  1: New Toaster Oven
  2: Playing at Toys R Us
  3: Cleaning the Carpets
  4: Monsoon Season and HHhhooooot Chicken
  5: Jet's Eighteen Month Checkup
  6: Boulder County Fair
  7: The Landscapers Are In
  8: Fifteenth Anniversary
  9: Donuts and Costco
10: Bran Blobs
11: Hiding, Shopping, and Pizza
12: Baby Mozart, Climbing, and the Wind
13: Grilled Ham and Cheese, Chicken Enchiladas, and Marshmallows
14: Swimming and KC-style BBQ
15: Short Nap, Working Visor, and Thai Dinner
16: Running Around and Popeye's
17: Peaches, Muffins, and Shanghai Teacakes
18: Serving, Peach Glop, and Crayons
19: Tom and Donna Stop By
20: Stuffed Full Day
21: Double Chilies, Short Ribs, and Swimming
22: Hoarse Jet
23: Mother's Day Present, Garlic Shrimp, and DQ
24: Mixer Madness and Mina's
25: XXX
26: New Sleep Pattern
27: No New Eyes
28: Colacci's, Coloring with Crayons, and Aerobics
29: Kisses Make It Better
30: Uncomfortable Push at Work
31: Too Hot

There was actually rain this month. The slow changing of the seasons has finally fallen upon us and the coolness has been very welcome. There's been ripe peachs, sweet corn, and green chilies. Lots of good food all month, and a Mother's Day gift, doubling as my birthday gift that'll probably provide even more plenty in the months to come.

We were home this month, simply living by a steady schedule that's been pretty comforting in many ways. Work's gotten more busy as everyone returns from their vacations and starts to get busy. We did get a one night visit from Donna and Tom and another quick visit by Dave, but that's been about it.

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