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August 10, 2002
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Bran Blobs

4:44 pm: Jet only got up once last night, to nurse and then go right back to sleep. I, on the other hand, had real problems getting back to sleep. My arms really hurt from the massage. I had to pull a hot bath at 2 am, and soak in it with lots of Epsom salts. The fifteen-minute soak did the trick and I felt much better when I finally went back to bed. Ugh.

So when Jet got up at six, John got up with him. They had blueberry pancakes and sausage together, and when I got up, John made me my pancakes and then ran off to do all the errands he hadn't done yesterday. I chased Jet around and actually made and bake the bran muffins that Isabel had given me the recipe for. Jet then demanded to nurse at about 11:30 and went to sleep at noon. I was then able to get the muffins into the oven and let them bake.

One of the things that Isabel and George had done was make them into blobs on cookie sheets so that they didn't have to dig them out of the muffin tins. I have a brand new muffin tin with lots of slickery non-stick stuff on it. So I thought I'd try at least one dozen in that pan. It turns out that the recipe makes two dozen! I didn't know that going in, but I had thought that it was a lot of ingredients for only one dozen muffins. So I greased it up well, and when the muffins came out and cooled off, they fell out of the pan like magic. I think I like the muffins better than the blobs; but that may well be, in part, from the fact that the leavening, up here, made these a lot lighter than the ones in Seattle. I may need to cut back on the soda a little bit, and see how that affects them next time.

I had a muffin for lunch. It's all I really needed, since I'd had my breakfast so late. John got back at one, and unloaded, of all things, a new microwave oven. He'd gotten it for sixty bucks and it's smaller than the old one, but it has all the defrosting capabilities I think I'll need. It's one of the things that I use the oven for all the time, and I really needed it for that. It's also got a bunch of other features that'll be interesting to use, but the capacity of it isn't as big. Given, however, that I didn't fill the old one any more than once, maybe twice, a year, it's not a big loss. It's mostly for lunches, reheats, and the like, so it'll do just fine and it takes about half the counter space of the old one. I can also be close to it and sure that it's containing things to present standards. That, alone, is worth the sixty bucks.

Jet woke up while John was unpacking things. It was only an hour's nap. I was mildly disappointed. So I went out onto the front porch and cut off all the dead material from one of the spider plants we'd shoved out onto the front porch. It had gotten too much sun while out on the lawn when the painters were here and not nearly enough water, so about seventy percent of its plant mass was dead. I cut all of that off. I also re-rooted some structures that were hanging over the edge, and I should respray it for aphids. It needs it. It looked much better when I was done. And I felt better for doing it, and was finally able to go back into the house and play with Jet for a little while.

John then decided to go ride the exercise bike with Jet and let me do journaling. I'm glad of that. I needed the time. When John was finished with the bike ride it was nearly four, so I took Jet, nursed him again, and John got his shower and went to nap. Jet went to sleep in the last five minutes of nursing, and I tucked him back into his seat in the far cooler livingroom. He'd been in his own room, before, and had, possibly, gotten too hot. So this time I left him in the livingroom and let him be cool while I cleaned up some diaper stuff, made some sun tea and now I'm back trying to finish things up to upload and organize.

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