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August 12, 1998
a year ago

Phase Shifts

I have no idea why, but both John and I woke up around 6:30 a.m. eventhough we hadn't gone to sleep until nearly midnight. We snuggled a bit and then finally just decided to get up. I made him promise that we could come home early if we got in early. He agreed without a problem. He showered while I slept just a smidge more and then we got dressed. I decided to do the caftan thing, and it was baggy and complexly batik and John thought it was really cool, so I knew I was in trouble.

It is very comfy, though, and very cool in comparison to many other thing. I was more buying it to lounge about the house in on weekends when it's Too Damned Hot in the house, more than wearing it to work, but oh well. It's kinda vivid. It's also *cold*.

And in the cold of the morning, I was just freezing, so I threw a coat over it all. The coat is still nicely infused with all the incense that they sell. So I am gently scented with the same scents. It's kinda cool. But it was perfect for the morning chill and we got to work just fine.

Did a lot of wading through code and through class design stuff and through figuring out some more changes and differences. Slow work to get most of the design in place before coding, but then it always makes the coding itself just so much faster if I have everything at once. I just always feel like I'm 'not going anywhere' when I'm designing, which is silly, simply because I'm not churning out code. It just makes the coding so much more possible when I do lay it all out.

I just brought more casserole for lunch and it was good. But I was pretty tired fairly early on. By 5 p.m. I was outright sleepy and John was stuck in some meeting and there wasn't much I could do about it. So I took the design I'd put in place and started to code, in half an hour I was done with all the rather extensive changes I needed to do to the old database to make the new functionality even possible. This is the stuff I spent nearly a day researching, yesterday, to figure out how to do cleanly in addition to figuring out the related bug.

Talk about concrete evidence on the efficiency of design. I just keep building this up. Especially after hearing from a couple other programmers at other companies about days and days of work being just thrown away because marketing hadn't spent the time to get a clean UI design before the engineers were cut loose.

Anyway, it was nice, and we got out by 5:30 p.m. and I had a craving for either ribs or Yeh's Wok's tea smoked duck. We went to Tony Roma's which just opened a new branch in Redmond, and it was early enough that they were mostly empty. So we just sat down, got immediate drinks and very quickly had salads and then dinner served. Great service when there's just one other couple in the dining room. Utterly bone-meltingly tender spareribs and nicely stuffed potato and badly steamed vegetables later, I was ready to face more of the day.

We went home, picked up Fezzik and then went to his parents' house to pick up a trailerful of bark. I had fun talking with Isabel while George and John shoveled, and the sun gradually slanted towards the horizon. They had lots of green beans extra from their garden as well as a few zucchini, so I accepted the very fresh vegetables gratefully. Yum. As we left, the sun was almost down, so we stopped and got a few pictures of me in the caftan. John loved the combination of the caftan, my hair and the Converse hightops. So we have a picture of me perched on the corner of the Stoat in the gold of the setting summer sun.

I sometimes get tired of waiting for pictures and contemplate buying a digital camera from Don't know if I ever will...

On the way home we stopped at the church to let John do some stuff, and then stopped at Farfar's for ice cream and we ate out in the parking lot next to the Stoat. We even got Fezzik a vanilla yogurt cone, and he munched it happily. I think he enjoys the cold as much as the sweet itself.

We got home, and it was dark. And I was tired enough that I mostly just went up to sleep. The plants were all happier from the feeding and watering the day before, so I may just have to do that more regularly.

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