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August 13, 1998
a year ago

Early Morning

The alarm wasn't what woke me, at first. I just woke up and it was 5:20 a.m., so I turned over and went back to sleep and the alarm buzzed and it was 6 a.m.. Surprised myself by bouncing out of bed and into the shower and after my shower, John came grumbling into the bathroom and muttering about how come *you're* awake? You hate mornings, what is this?

Once we hit the cold morning air, though, it was entirely different. He woke up, I got grumpy.

It was about 60 F.. Cool, especially without the sun quite up over the plateau on our way to work, so I was glad of my blue silk coat. I have a blue silk coat with marbled blue, teal, purple to pale blue silk and medium, slate-blue lapels of sueded silk. I bought it back at Folklife and hadn't worn for a while. I thought I should wear it, so I wore it with the black skort that just came in. It worked very well, even with the Looney Tunes t-shirt underneath, in part because my hair was almost the same colorway as the marbled cloth.

We stopped by Victor's as a surprise from John and got to work around 7 a.m., missing all the PGA traffic (yay!) and getting in in about half the time compared to the previous mornings. The traffic has been such a pain, it was really nice to get through in so little time this morning.

Worked two hours, and then we went to see Rick and Terry and to talk with them and show them my hair and say things about what the doctor said and then I turned over the gift certificates. Then we went and did licensing stuff for the Stoat, as the office was open and we figured that most people were working, so wouldn't be there that early in the morning. When John got into line there were only three people in it. By the time we got out there were eight. I guess not everyone works in the summer.

We got back, did more stuff, had lunch at a new place in Redmond, a Taqueria El Gallo, which means the Rooster. About 80% of the customers were Hispanic, and the food was astonishingly good. Spicy without being overwhelming, the rice was fluffy, the beans tender, and the veggies fresh and crisp and the fresh salsa was very nice. I had the tamales and they were rich and tender. They really know what they are doing. Yum.

Got back to a phone call from Rick saying that I was in trouble, that they couldn't accept the gifts 'cause they were too much. I was... uhm... bewildered. I'll admit. The gift certificates were enough for a budget meal at the Third Floor Fish Cafe and a cheaper item from J. Peterman's, not anything fancy, so I had been thinking that they were kinda light, actually. But both of them were saying that they couldn't accept 'em because they were too big. I didn't know what to do. So I babbled at 'em saying that it wasn't any big deal and that "No." they shouldn't return them. They should enjoy them. I got 'em so they could have some fun, but I was worried a little bit that they were offended.

So I said that and told 'em that it was kinda confusing me. I didn't want to upset 'em, and I knew that they didn't expect 'em and that it wasn't necessary. I had just wanted to surprise 'em with something nice that they'd like. I guess something got through, and Rick finally said okay, but it was only after, I think, the moral protest or something. And then I got to talk with Terry for a bit to reassure her that it wasn't a big deal for me, but I wasn't sure how to say it right. Or something. And they believed me.

I felt a bit the gauche geek, having no clue the social impact of something that I felt was just fun and good and right. They finally accepted 'em, said thank you, and hung up.

And I got to contemplate the fact that I might be overpaid or gotten weirdly calibrated so far as sense of what is a little or a lot of money, or if my sense of 'what is fun' has so little to do with the money involved that I forget that others worry or... something. Felt just a it unanchored and lost. I'd just intended it to be something fun, not something to make a fuss over. But got a big fuss. Though, if I were John, I'd probably point out at this point that, a) I enjoyed getting them the presents and giving them to them, and b) it sounded like, in the end, they were happy and would enjoy having them and were pretty convinced that it wasn't a problem for me at all.

So what ends well...

We had to get home a bit early so that John could make a soccer meeting with all the parents of all the kids that he and Dave are going to be coaching. I thought about going with, but decided, instead, to stay at home and walk Fezzik. As we got in, we picked up mail and there was a box there. Yay!! My Faire Paire order had come in. Yay! Courtesy of Paul Knappenberge, they had arrived, in jewel tones and with my sizing. After I pulled out the three pairs of short tights (they're a lot like bike shorts, spandex to just above the knee) there was something else in the box. I pulled it out, and it was this utterly gorgeous, rich purple crushed velvet tank top in tights material with a panel of black lace up the front. Woo.

I have nearly no idea when I'd wear it, but it is utterly beautiful. Maybe with a black skirt and an over shirt or jacket or something. The purple and black lace would be neat as a hint.

I wore the red colored shorts and a t-shirt to walk Fezzik and then rode the stationary bike for fifteen minutes and discovered that, yes, it had been simply because my legs were tired that it had seemed so completely resistant the other day. It was fine and the house was equally hot, and it felt like it was getting more resistant with time and effort. But I got through it, did a few of the stretching exercises and was, by then, completely drenched in sweat.

I wasn't hungry at all, but knew I needed liquids, so I drank water, ate a piece of cantaloupe and the last of the fresh mozzarella, and then went upstairs and drew myself a bath that was just a little bit cooler than my body temperature, using rain forest scented bubble bath. Mrrrr... lavender and the like usually put me to sleep, but the cool scented bubble bath with the cool water refreshed me and woke me up a bit.

Dried off, pulled on the caftan, went downstairs and watched the "Halloween" episode of Buffy, as I'd wanted to see it for quite a while, as I'd heard a lot about it but had never really seen it. Then I just got out the PlayStation and played some Crash Bandicoot. I did get to a bonus round, but missed it, so couldn't save, and then just kinda ran about like a chicken with its head cut off. John came home then and took his game to nearly the last level. He only has five more gems to get. That's pretty cool.

Sleep was oddly restless. Dreams of breaking a front tooth this time, then dreams of a political gathering in a giant country house, for hundreds of people, and I was simply technical brains wandering about talking with the Big and Famous, and one really established player talked with me for a while, getting opinions which had certain entailments. He got my agreement with what was entailed, and then and opponent of his came to me later saying that he'd publicized my agreement with him, but without the entailed. Bad dream.

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