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August 14, 1998
a year ago


I think it's That Kind of Day.

Last night, I'd looked up a round trip price on a ticket to SJ for the last weekend in August, as that was when Dragonflight was going to be, but with the mix up they had about housing, it was going to be harder for folks to decide to come. I tried to call them about housing, and got through but the guy hadn't known anything about it and when he forwarded the question it must have gotten lost, and well... that was that.

So, likely, no one is coming up here.

Anyway, Southwest had a $90 rnd trip special going on, and I found it last night, and wrote Carl to get confirmation, and then, this morning, found that the price was gone. Clear gone. Nothing less than $130 anymore, anywhere. I was very upset. Though some versions of the special have said that they ended last night at midnight. Drat.

Then remembered that I could probably use frequent flyer miles to do something about that. And realized it would probably be better anyway, as I have a dropdeadline at the end of the month and that last weekend... it's really useful for a lot of things. Also found a few people that are hitting nasty life walls, so the change in price seems somewhat trivial in comparison. So I'm just a putz for feeling so badly about something so small.

So I didn't get much of anything done.

John took me to the QFC for lunch and lunch and talking with him got me focused after an intense period of angst and grumpiness. Food might have helped, but mostly getting me out of the track of the morning, and feeling like the overwhelming amount of work was actually doable. So I just sat down and did.

Looked up and it was about 5:30 p.m. and the list was done and nearly everything was checked off and checked in and compiled without problems. Nearly 200+ lines of new code and about a dozen classes updated with half a dozen new functions and more functionality. Whew. Getting paid was nice, too.

So I played a bit in Genevieve's game as Sephar, and it turns out that Mark has a new domain named, so I might get as an email address for Sephar. It would like it a lot. And it amused Mark as well as the whole Fiat crew immensely, so that was very keen.

Around 6 p.m. we went home to let our boss take delivery on a freezer we no longer need. It'll be a nice lazy night.

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