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August 17, 1998

Ugly Day

It was a rather emotionally ugly day for me today. Just grumpy and nasty and while my brain worked okay, I was unfocussed, generally unhappy, and while it would be convenient to blame it on physical unhappiness, I compounded things a bit simply by not doing what I should have been doing, which was, pretty simply 'not typing'.

The typing Sunday plus being stupid and helping John haul the really heavy desk upstairs to the loft, plus the usual typing during the day really made my left wrist truly unhappy.

On top of that, the rest of my body reminded me of exactly when and why I don't like being female.

But I managed to settle down and really work during the afternoon and got a whole list of things completed. Stuff that I knew had to get done and it got done really quickly. A lot more quickly than I'd thought, actually. I finished it all around 5 p.m. and then tossed the libraries to Bob and the only comment he made was that his stuff GPF'ed and that maybe the old exe would work for debugging.

I spent an hour realizing that if my virtual tables were mixed up, there was no hope. And then that the exe I was given likely didn't even have the same .lib linking that was now the case with the new .dll. So I just gave up and drove myself home in a grump and a huff and stuff.

It didn't help to have Bob say that everything else had gone so smoothly, maybe it was time to have a glitch and a ghost in the machine. I'd designed this thing to work. Not to have inexplicable problems.

Spilled all my woes onto John, who was walking Fezzik even as I drove in, and that was okay. He listened patiently and then helped steer me towards the concept of making cheesesteaks, as I'd found the nameless White Cheese. So I made cheesesteaks with Nameless White Cheese and it was perfect. The Cheese was the perfect binding agent. The package said, "Swiss" on it, but I knew better with the additional words 'processed cheese food product', and it was the perfect stuff!! Woohoo!! I finally am approaching near perfect cheesesteak. Now I just have to figure out those peppers, and add just a bit of salt and pepper, as the rolls I found are nice and soft and fresh and yummy.

Yes, that improved my attitude significantly.

Funny how food does that, sometimes.

John had to run off to do something, so I stayed home and wrote yesterday's entry, using the NaturallySpeaking stuff. Fezzik started to bark, and so I had to turn things off for a while. That was funny. I should have it trained to put in <bark> whenever he actually barks. That would be kinda amusing, but the continuous speech stuff would probably have a fit.

It was really good to be alone for a while. I hadn't really realized I needed it as much as I did, and it was good to slowly unwind and think things through and have the day as a day before me. I liked that.

So, it's a day.

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