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August 18, 1998
a year ago


First thing I did, when I got to work, was dive into that stupid GPF. I rebuilt the library, rebuild the exe, as the v tables were out of order and mixed up. I then found that things worked up to the point of the invocation of the new code, and there was a GPF. The minute I saw where it had GPF'ed, I realized why and what I had to change. Two children classes hadn't implemented a function that really was dependent on the lower level implementation. A function that was a late addition, so wasn't in the documentation, so I hadn't checked it off.

Half an hour later, I handed Bob a new library.

I didn't hear anything from him after that, but after lunch, I asked him how it worked out. He said that it was working beautifully, everything was as expected and he had no glitches, whatsoever.


Even after going through all the design stuff and everything, I hadn't expected it to 'just work' completely. I probably should, now, have a bit more faith in this process and in the discipline that I am applying to everything I'm writing for this project. I'm making it work, and making it so that when I write something it really does work first time. It's a new thing, a nearly surprising thing, almost frightening, even. But a really good way to work.

We had some company news in the afternoon. Privately owned companies are pretty keen to work for, on the most part; but I'm pretty sure I can't say what's going on other than the possibility that we're going to be changing our name to reflect our present product lines. That'll be kinda cool to be known again.

The problem was that the news was given in such a way that negative connotations could be easily made. So, it was far less reassuring than just plain scary. Talking with the CEO some more revealed more of the good bits of news and just why and how much it would benefit us as a whole company.

Anyway, the negative bits had me thinking for most of the afternoon. Not all good thoughts either. John had a soccer practice that he had to get to, so he went off to that and left me at work. I did more stuff, wrote a little, and generally got more upset with some other things I was procrastinating on.

One thing I finished was the whole tooth guard problem. This morning I had gone to the dentist's one last time, and they managed to correct the guard to the point where it was comfortable in my mouth. One point that I followed up on was the fact that the wires holding the guard in my mouth were way too tight. My molars actually hurt from the pressure, but the dentist had said he didn't want to adjust the because they held the guard in. This time I insisted that he loosen them up some.

The three things that bothered me the most were my optometrist appointment, the fact we still didn't have a house cleaner, and vague feelings of neglecting my writing. All of which stemmed from procrastination of one sort or another. By the time John picked me up, I was pretty upset, and we talked it all through on the drive to the church. He had a Christian outreach board meeting, which consisted of a business meeting and then packing all the food bags for the food bank. I paced around the church while they had their meeting, and then helped with the packing.

I calmed down a lot with the simple work. Lifting cans or lightweight items is actually good for my hands and arms, as the mild exercise strengthens the muscles and supporting structures for my tendons. So that actually felt pretty good.

By the time we were done my emotional state was much more even, and deciding on dinner plans helped even more. Dinner was at a Chinese restaurant that we hadn't been to for years, and the menu had gotten more Americanized while we had been away. I was slightly disappointed by that, but the quality of the sautéed string beans, and the texture of the beef chow fun made up for that. When I was finished eating I realized that the extra time at work had done bad things to my blood sugar. I really should remember to eat if John is going to stay out for a while. It's not as if I don't have plenty of Balance bars.

When we got home John called his brother to coordinate working with him on the porch later this week. As I stood and listened to them talk, I realized I was completely exhausted, so I just went upstairs, took a bath, and then went to sleep. John had promised to walk Fezzik, so I had no worries there.

Sleep was deep and comforting, and the new mouth guard worked perfectly. I dreamed of being a Princess for a Day, with my own servants, and an entire castle to run around and explore. Lots of details about the castle were in the dream, and I had a lot of fun just wandering around and exploring. All the back ways, the roof line paths, and the corridors behind walls were properly narrow, dusty, and filled with cobwebs. There was a roof garden wonderfully lit by sun. What I remember the most was the servant, who followed me everywhere with good advice and solid knowledge of the architecture of the place. What was really keen was how much he loved the castle and all its secrets

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