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August 24, 1998

Health Issues

I woke up Monday morning with a slight tingling in my left hand, and decided to my best to make sure I didn't type with it. I did a very good job of that, discovering more of what was available to me in my tools. The new correction features in the continuous speech helped immensely with the journal entries and with documentation for the code I was writing.

The coding wasn't getting any easier, and was still a mish-mash of old code mangling the new. And, about 10 minutes before the meeting was to start, John decided to hold a meeting. The design meeting for the next step, and when we finished the design, it was pretty obvious I couldn't work on it even though it was an extension of the code I had done before. I still had to finish the dirty work.

John did the new extensions. The really good thing about it all was finding that my documentation and the old code structure was good enough for him to build the addition in less than a day.

Also, we went home a little bit early in order to allow John time on the back porch. He wanted sunlight, and the next three evenings were going to be filled with soccer practice. I took the time to do my knee exercises, and then made the time to do my arm exercises as well. The exercises didn't hurt, and after icing the wrist, my left wrist felt better than it had for quite sometime. That was most excellent.

Fezzik, on the other hand, wasn't doing as well. He had a bad limp, and was favoring his left rear leg badly. I took him for a walk, hoping that the mild exercise would work the stiffness out of his leg. It only got worse, which indicated to me that he had a real injury rather than leftover stiffness from too much exercise the day before. That got me worried. I then took some time to brush him, and to examine the hot spot just above his tail. It turned out to do worse than it had been before, and there were large clusters of flea bites to either side of the affected area. That was very bad news, as Fezzik is very allergic to flea bites. It's probably why he has the hot spots.

Hot spots, on a dog, are where the skin breaks out into an open sore. Not pretty. On Fezzik they get to be raw, open sores, mostly because he licks them into that shape by worrying things that itch. So we really have to watch the fleas on him.

There was one last thing that really worried me about Fezzik. That was his right ear, which was mildly pink and had been for the last few weeks. He has a tendency to get ear infections in that ear, and we have to watch it and keep it clean.

There were enough things wrong with Fezzik, by that point, that I asked John to call a veterinarian for an appointment. By the time I had thoroughly examined Fezzik, I asked John to call Cedar River Animal Hospital and make an appointment for Fezzik there. They specialize in large dogs, and we've gone to them for many years, but it's nearly an hour's drive from work. I was finally worried enough about Fezzik's condition that even that long a drive was worth making sure he would be looked at by somebody with a clue.

I was very worried, and much of the worry had to do with how little I knew about what was really wrong with Fezzik. I finally relied on an old favorite, and took a hot bath just before going to bed. The hot water actually relaxed pain tense muscles to the point where I could actually get to sleep

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