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August 25, 1998

Fixing Fezzik

Today was an odd day. I made steady progress with work, but Fezzik was always on the back of my mind. When we woke up, I took the time to cover him with flea spray. To make sure he didn't get anymore bites while out in his run. We also have the folks painting the house coming in, and the maid service had promised that they would come by sometime during the day.

We had promised the maid service that Fezzik would be outside, otherwise I would've left him in the house. John had a 9 a.m. phone conference, so we had to be at work before then. We also brought with us clothing for Wednesday, as we planned to ride our bikes to work tomorrow. That was so we didn't have to carry the extra bulk.

Mark did a very good job of distracting me for most of the morning, though he did give me time to work as well. It was fun to just play around with him, and enjoy his humor and unique sympathy for me and my moods. When we're on, we're very much in sync, when we're off, it can be painful. But, I think both of us have grown and changed in the years since, and there's less dependence on synchronicity than before. Anyway, the interaction was sweet and made possible for me to worry less.

The veterinary office didn't open until 9 a.m., and at that time John called to make the appointment with them. They had a 3 p.m. slot open, so we took it, as it was likely the only time we'd both make it. So, we skipped lunch, and went home then to pick up Fezzik. We left work early enough to drop by Costco and order my next six months supply of contact lenses. John, meanwhile, bought lunch out at the stand. Fezzik was, as usual, a good conversation starter and quite a few people stopped to pet him and talk with John. This was a good thing, as ordering the contact lenses took much longer than I had anticipated.

We did get back on the road in time, and made it to the appointment on time.

The good news is that nothing is badly wrong with Fezzik. He seems to have strained his knee, and while Kim wished to test his ACL, he'd didn't think it was serious enough to put Fezzik under anesthesia to do so. If Fezzik doesn't get better in a week, he may have to try that. There is no ear infection, and the hot spot is from the flea bites. So, we just have to clean and treat the hot spots with some cortisone spray, and Kim shaved two spots of fur off in order to make that easier. Fezzik looks a little funny with the two bare spots, so he may have to wear shorts for his birthday party. We also got eight months worth of topical flea treatment. And, to be sure that Fezzik wasn't bothered by the hot spots or the flea bites, Kim gave him a shot of hydro-cortisone. He also told us that the cortisone shot should help with the knee, as it would bring down the inflammation.

When we dropped Fezzik off at the house, the painters were still going at it, and the house hadn't been cleaned yet. I made sure to the topical flea treatment on Fezzik, and mark the calendar for the next few months.

We then headed back to work. And I stayed and worked when John went off to do soccer practice. He didn't get back to the building until after 7:30, and Bob had returned to work by then. So, three of us talked for a while before John and I headed home. We got home just before 9, and both my voice and hands were exhausted. I seem to cheat a little bit with my hands when the dictation is too slow or frustrating me. That was discouraging, in many ways because I've been trying so hard. What was harder was realizing that my voice was tired as well, the main tool I felt I could rely on was tiring, wearing out and not helping with the original problem.

I think the real problem simply was being a work for more than 11 hours out of the day. No matter how hard I try, that much time spent in one chair at one desk with one monitor is going to wear at all of me, especially when I do it frequently. I've been working long hours for two or three days out of each week, and even on normal days I'm at work at least ten hours a day. So, maybe the real answer is to work less. I know my hands felt much better the day I went home early, i.e. at 5:30 p.m. after getting in around 8 a.m..

So, we planned on making the next day shorter for me. We decided, instead of biking and having to bike all the way back home, that we'd take both cars into work and leave one overnight. Then, on Thursday morning, we should be able to ride our bikes into work and then drive home in the evening when we were tired.

I did some mild arm strength exercises, iced the wrist, ate the dinner that John re-heated for us, and then drew a bath that melted every painful muscle I had. Sleep was quick

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