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August 27, 1998

The Oddities of Pain

We rode our bikes this morning to work. After having left the car at work the night before, we knew we only had to get to work. That was very nice to know.

The morning was bright and clear, and we started early enough that the sunlight hadn't gotten over the trees yet. So the fast ride down the hill was in the shade and colder for it. Especially with the wind of our speed. What was really good about the ride was knowing that there were no more cars following us. At just before 7 a.m., there wasn't much traffic, so getting down the hill didn't cause me any anxiety about holding up a line of cars.

The long straight along the lake was far more fun than it's been for a long time. I think that all the time on the stationary bike has helped my legs build more strength. I am really getting stronger. And it felt pretty good to find out in that way. There were stretches where I could actually sprint, full out, and it felt really good. My legs were pretty tired by the time we got to the park, but, from thereon, the path was much nicer, with no traffic, plenty of trees, and the water running by it. So, we meandered through, and then started racing each other through some of the quieter sections.

John had much more momentum than I did, so I usually had to work harder after a downhill. But that meant I had it easier on the uphills. We chased each other down the bike path, over a bridge, and then over a gravel road that wound around behind business parks. By the time we got to work, both my arms were fairly tired, and my legs felt like they had had a good workout. So, I felt pretty good. We had all our clothes and showering equipment, already at work, so was a simple matter to get clean. That felt really good.

The funny thing is my arms really hurt, but my wrists are pretty much okay. The muscle pain has nothing to do with my tendon inflammation. So, that pain is okay. The hard part is convincing my mind that the pain has nothing to do with long-term damage. It's just muscle soreness, which builds bigger muscles.which reminded me, way too much, on how I felt about the coding work I am doing.

Work was slogging through a lot more detail work on the old code. I had to fight to keep my interest up, but managed to get quite a bit further, especially since the new user interface bits had been added and looked like they worked pretty well. By the time lunch rolled around, I was ready for a break. John and I decided to go get the barbecue we'd looked at yesterday, and so we did. It took some work to get it into the back of the car, but it actually fit. Afterwards, we went to Fill Your Belly Deli and bought burgers for John and Ray, I got myself a turkey club, and it was a very good lunch.

I managed to get a good deal of it to work during the afternoon hours, but by the time John left to do soccer practice, I was ready to do something other than work. So, I did journal entries, and thought about working on story stuff. I didn't get very far, as I started writing descriptions for Trip's new concept for his room on tooMUSH. I decided to be Vampire Hunter Li and someone asked me for a werewolf description. So, I had fun writing that.

With everything I'd been doing with my arms, my wrists were doing much better. Also, all the dictation definitely helped. There was just that much less typing that I had to do, so the tendons had nothing to complain about. I also decided to install and train the new Dragon Point & Speak software. It had arrived a few nights ago, but I hadn't wanted to deal with a new piece of software, new commands, and still try to produce code and documentation. But, I'd managed to finish and test a major chunk of code, so I decided to take the time necessary to break in this new software.

The new software is both more accurate and faster than the old-style software was. It seems to be more stable, less finicky, and allows me to do continuous speech in any window. It still occasionally misses small words, and I still have to watch it. Perhaps even more closely than the old, because it makes fewer mistakes, so they are harder to catch when it does. I don't have quite the same detail of control that the old Dragon Dictate gave me, so I may not want to do coding with this new stuff. But it certainly makes my life easier on MUSH's and in writing

Brought to you by Dragon System's Point & Speak.

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