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August 2, 1999
a year ago

Walt Visits!

John had smoked salmon on bagels first thing in the morning. That was very, very nice to wake up to, along with the mochas and a kiss. Very, very nice.

I actually used the Covey-Franklin book today and felt much better just having a record of what I've actually managed to get done. It's just amazing what a difference it makes to know what steps I have gotten done. Proof against the feelings! What a concept. A few things fixed, plenty of people talked with, the journal entries going up, the month change done, and various other things that were all really fun.

So work went really much more smoothly today.

Finally even got to play as Sephar for a while. That was very good indeed.

When five rolled around, John tugged me home and away, as we were to met up with Walt at 5:30 at home and we had to get some fresh corn and stuff before we got there. The fruit stand was just packed with people on their way home, picking up fresh fruits and vegetables. That was really kinda cool, just to see how busy it was and that local folks were making good on the money that was flowing in the little place. I don't know why I really like that, but I do.

So we got corn, went home, and I found lots of cool packages in the mail. Pendemonium had come through again, this time with two little student fountain pens that took European-style cartridges. They were tiny creatures, with all-clear caps and bodies, though the feeds and cartidges were opaque colored plastics. I played with them for a while but then John stuck the chicken in the BBQ, so I started boiling water. First, I used the boiling water to peel tomatos, which I then cut up, sprinkled basalmic vinager, olive oil, basil, and a bit of salt and pepper on before putting back in the fridge to get good and cold. We then boiled the sweet corn and finally waited for the chicken to catch up. The adobo was really smoky sweet deep in taste, and we thinned it with oil to use as a basting liquid for the chicken. It took a good hour for it to get up to the safe temperatures and that was good enough. I took it into the house and parted it neatly and we sat down to eat.


After dinner, we watched a series of British films from Land Rover on the 1947 Land Rover roll-out. John has them on video tape and it's really cool to just watch through. The Ben and Jerry's came out in the midst of all that and both the Chunky Monkey and the Cookie Dough were really good and satisfying in good ways.

Walt really wanted to know how to debone a chicken, so we watched the Pepin vid next, watching the procedure a few times to get the whole flow of it. That was fun and actually far more entertaining than it sounds; and finally he and John had fun trading beer recipes and experiences. That was fun to listen to as it's a type of cooking and the terms they were using and the fun that they were having was really cool to hear. I really enjoyed that.

While they were talking, I pulled out my new pen and tried it. Got teal ink all over my hands, but it wasn't the fault of the pen, just my own thoughts as to how the cartridge should go in. It's really fun and really cool, and it'll take any cartridge that's of European design, which a lot of the European ink manufactures support well. So it could be a really versatile and fun pen. Walt expressed some curiosity, so I pulled out quills and the glass pen for him to play with and he had fun with that and, like me, marveled that anyone might write with glass.

We got to sleep fairly early as we had an early morning of it to go.

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