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August 3, 1999
a year ago


It all started with the bagels.

Garlic bagels, with onion bagels just following alongside, riding the coat tails of the garlic's true powers.

John had an 8 a.m. meeting and he had to get bagels for the meeting, so we went to the bagel shop and he got his bagels and we got two onion and two garlic alongside for the smoked salmon we had at home and still had to finish. I took those to my desk along with the chocolate chip bagel that I'd gotten for my breakfast. All good breakfasts should start with chocolate, I think.

Anyway, all through the day, those garlic bagels haunted me with their scent. Mildly distracting and always enticing.

I think Chocolate Chip Bagels are something of an acquired taste, though if one already likes the mildly sweet cinnamon raisin bagels, one has a good start towards sweet-bagel appreciation. A really good one has the thickly textured crust that's just on the soft side of being crunchy, with a soft but densely textured interior and the chocolate doesn't overwhelm the bread. In many ways it reminds me of a less butter-fat dense chocolate croissant, and if they use semi-sweet or even bittersweet chocolate, the balance of bread and chocolate is very, very nice.

Yes, something has changed somewhere, and I'm very content, now.

Part of it might also be the fact that I got a little perspective today. While I was making my short, half-caff latte this morning, one of the lady engineers regaled me with stories about her psycho neighbor who hates dogs and is starting to call the police on them and on her. That neighbor has sworn that if she sees the dogs outside alone that she'll shoot them. On sight. The same neighbor has also said pretty much the same thing to another neighbor as well, and, basically, it seems that she's entirely afraid of dogs as a whole. This was a way, way, way worse situation than the one we're in.

Carl came up with the coolest suggestion for Fezzik and I, which was to have a neighborhood invited Fezzik party, so that everyone could find out that Fezzik is a friendly, nice, and completely non-gnashy teeth type dog, so if he *did* manage to get out no one would be afraid of him. I love it and we're going to be having Fezzik's birthday party anyway, and that could all be rolled up into one. So that should be very cool, indeed.

It turned out to be a really, really nice day, on the whole. Really busy, lots to do and lots to get through. With my little book I didn't forget anything that I'd bang my head on the table for, later, and even managed a few little things between the big things and that really, really helped get a handle on stuff. Schedule the Big Things first, then fill in all the cracks, and that really worked well because I could actually concentrate on a few things! That was a big surprise. I enjoyed that a lot.

It felt good to be effective again, or at least have proof of all the things that I did, which was really, really good.

Got home and we had the smoked salmon for dinner on those bagels. Yum. It was worth the wait. Watched a little FoodTV, played with my pens and wrote a bit more, figured out that if I actually did plot or chapters or even story ideas with the time that I doodle with my pens, I might actually get something done sometime. With all the long-term goal things that are available in the Franklin-Covey stuff, doing a long-term writing project is actually feasible, now. I even have a plethora of tools with which to do them. So it's kinda cool to just start thinking about it.

Was reading more of the book with Rali in it; and the name origin is actually pretty cool, in the language of her lands it means 'hope'. But the funniest thing is that the book is written by two men and in it they make every, single stereotypical writing mistake of men trying to play women on MUSH's that I nearly died laughing. I was laughing so hard I couldn't even breath before I'd finished the first chapter. Every single stereotypical self-description thing that had ever happened with a guy trying to describe 'himself' as a woman was there in black and white, published even and I just couldn't believe it followed the guidelines I'd been given on how to spot a male writing bad descriptions of females so very closely.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I'm actually *planning* tomorrow! That's such a cool thing. Got it all down including actually getting home in time to see Good Eats, which is going to focus on making the perfect roasted chicken! Hoorah!

I also loved the little Yafa student pens Pendemonium was selling, enough that I asked if they had anymore. Turns out that the little steel nibs are flexible enough to make writing really interesting to see after it gets out of the pen. I don't have any steel nib pens that are actually flexible as well, so it seemed cool to get another one or even two, if they were in fun-enough colors. Though, to fill out the order, and make the CC charge worthwhile on their part, I looked through all their samplers on inks and marked down a number of cartridges for the pen along with another nice, cheapie, student plastic and steel nib pen that could take the same cartridges but were a bit longer and a little easier on the hands.

Turns out, though, that the nib to the pen I was using was a little off-alignment and the feed was crooked, so when I fixed both of those minute adjustments, the thing works beautifully, now. I should use a bit of the grit paper Kathy got me and really smooth down the tip well. It's would be really kinda fun and funny to have a five dollar student, plastic on plastic, steel-tipped fountain pen that writes flexibly and with a tip like skating on ice. Unexpected beauty.

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