Liralen's Adventure Through Life
August 1999
  1: BBQ Sunday
  2: Walt Visits!
  3: Bagels
  4: Refrigerator Casserole
  5: Root Beer!
  6: False Alarms
  7: Company Picnic
  8: Twelfth Anniversary
  9: Myth and Reality
11: Getting Out of Town
12: Chinaman's Gulch
13: A Road Less Traveled
14: Wheeler Lake
15: Getting Home
16: Packed Short Day
17: Costs and Road-Kill Chickens
18: Group Party
19: Group Lunch
20: Friday
22: Busy Weekend
27: Even Busier Week
28: Food Creativity
29: List Day!
30: Sore Dog
31: Good Things

Busy month. Started with out anniversary, a visit from Walt, went, in the middle to the Land Rover rally for 1999 that was in Breckenridge, CO. Nice and close and quite the adventure.

Our whole work group actually got together for a few days, and we partied, worked hard,and met like crazy for a lot of it. That was good to actually get to know the folks that we work with, now, the whole group is now a cohesive whole and we're actually getting together socially and we're doing a lot at work.

Fezzik got friends and I got ready for another physical reset in terms of surgery.

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