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August 15, 1999
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Going Home

With Borax's tire thingy bent, the front tires were a bit pigeon-toed, so we really didn't want to do a lot of driving. So, instead of doing the whole parade thing, and, since it looked a lot like it was going to rain more, we decided to just go home after checking out of the hotel. The whole rally was supposed to do a parade of Land Rovers through central Breckenridge at about 1 p.m.. We managed everything in one load down into the truck and we tooled our slow way out of town. My jaw hurt a bit less because I'd made an effort to get a supporting pillow underneath my jaw last night, so it really did make a difference.

A little B&B by the main roadway looked pretty crowded for as late as we were out on a Sunday morning, so we went in there for breakfast. We had to wait about 10 minutes for a table at 11 a.m., which was mildly unexpected, but good as it meant that they had to be pretty good. So we waited and they served us eventually and the food was worth the wait. I had really fluffy vanilla-walnut pancakes with a buttery bourbon syrup that was still redolent with the alcohol. That was really good.

All the time we were waiting or eating we saw Land Rovers trickling into Breckenridge from the main highway along this roadway. Several we recognized from the previous days, some were shiny-new and just in town for the parade, which we thought was funny.

The trip back was uneventful, and there was enough traffic that all the traffic was going fairly slowly, so we weren't as much of a problem on the freeway as I thought we might be. Borax drove nicely at the speeds we put him at and we even found a by-way home that was more surface roads than freeway. So, when we were home, and John checked the tires, they weren't any more or less worn than before, so that was very nice to see.

For all that it had been over-cast, cold, and misting up in the mountains, down on the plains it was still in the 80's. Hot and sunny, but my body was very much happier that it wasn't nearly as dry as it had been up in the mountains. I soaked up a quart of iced tea, and puttered around happily in the house, writing, doing all the things that I hadn't had a moment to do while up in the mountains. I even unloaded most all the pictures into the computer at home and started naming them.

Heard a commotion downstairs, so I went down to investigate and it turned out the neighbors had blown out an engine. John offered the engine lift to them and they were over to collect it. The lady of the family was driving the truck to pick it up and they had a new engine and everything just nothing to use to place it with, so the engine lift was just the thing. She and her sister were over to collect it and she told us that she'd been over our fence a few times to pet Fezzik, since he was such a handsome dog.

That was pretty cool, to know that the neighbors on *both* sides had climbed the fence so that they could pet our dog was very nice. I'm glad that Fezzik makes friends really easily.

John and I spent a lot of the afternoon cleaning Borax up and out. He had so much dust inside it was amazing. We vacuumed, power-washed, and wet-wiped every surface, cranny and nook and the carpets and everything was shiny clean with a lot of work and attention to detail. It still has various bent bits, and I think John's sworn, now, to get Borax back into mint condition and then add all the rock gear to the Stoat, get the Stoat back into running shape and we'll take the ugly old Stoat out on rock banging trips in the future. Borax is too nice to do that to, in some ways, and it's very nice to have a clean car. For now, though, until John gets all the parts and some time, Borax'll likely live in the garage until things get fixed.

It was really nice to cook again, just something simple and quick and easy, but it was our food, nothing bought or made by other people. Good to be home again and sleep on my own pillows. Hopefully my jaw'll loosen up now that I have my own pillows again.

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