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August 16, 1999
a year ago
two years ago

Packed Short Day

Today was 9-3 and 4-5 meetings. I had about two hours in which to do what email I could, and that was just about it. Gah.

The main reason was because both Bob and Daniel were in town. Bob from Redmond, Daniel from Ireland, and with the two of them in town, we really compacted together a lot of the meetings that we needed to have, and did as much face-to-face as possible. Daniel spent pretty much the whole morning with everyone just talking through the high up view of things and how things worked and what was going on.

It's only going to get worse as Jeanne's coming in for Wednesday through Friday and there are ten thousand different things I'm going to have to talk to her about.

Wrung out a bit and just tired. I watched a bit of Food TV before going to bed. John snored a whole lot, probably because of the altitude change back. Very short kind of day.

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