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August 30, 1999
a year ago

Sore Dog

Got up today when Fezzik came to the door of our bedroom and whimpered at me. He sat down there at the door and when I opened the door from our bedroom to the outside, he didn't bother getting up. John finished with the bathroom stuff, and then I went and did my bathroom stuff and came out to find Fezzik still sitting there. He was really stiff and mildly whimpery. I finally figured out that he really couldn't back up from where he was, so I got him to stand up by grabbing him on either side of the shoulders and pulling straight forward. He hadn't wanted to enter our bedroom as he knew he wasn't usually allowed, but I pulled him into the room and got him far enough in that he could walk a circle around and then get turned around enough to go out into the kitchen.

He walked right to his food bowl and wolfed it all down before slowly stomping down the stairs to the lawn.

Work was a bitch today. Getting completely stable on the new build environment is a much hairier problem than I thought. I spent the morning writing something for a proposal and then started on the build stuff in the afternoon, and we didn't leave work until 8:15. That sucked. Got home, and Fezzik was feeling better, and when we fed him we still gave him an aspirin as he still looked a bit stiff. While frozen lasagna melted in the microwave, I filled the wheelbarrow and, in the dark, went out to the crunchy-near-dry patches where I'd sown seeds and watered the patches by splashing a very large amount of water on them.

By the time I got back in the lasagna was almost done. A bit of Monday Night Football later and we wolfed down half that lasagna and then went to bed and to deep sleep. My dreams were filled with build tools, which had turned out to be a good thing, as the next morning, I was using all the build tools really easily. Amazing what one can learn in ones sleep.

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