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August 31, 1999
a year ago

Good Things

Good thing I had all the build tools down a bit.

John and I went to Starbuck's first thing in the morning. Then I had a meeting next thing in the morning, which lasted a good forty minutes past the time it was supposed to, which was mildly unhappy making. Then I spent the rest of the day wrestling with the damned tools and with code that had changed since the initial check-in. That sucked.

The one good thing about all that was that I had to do it. There really isn't any way around it and in order for me and two other engineers to do any work on this code, it has to be in the new build environment. It might mean that a feature gets delayed, but it really means that it will be, at least, possible.

Two good things happened while I was fighting through. One was talking with Cera, which turned into a very wondrous thing, all together. The second thing was that John found out, from the benefits folks in the company, that the surgery this coming Friday is covered. Medical necessity. I don't work, they'll help fix me. This is good. This is dancing, wiggling, happiness good. The lady even told John that if Aetna gave him any trouble about it that he was to call her and she'd deal with it. Period.

John wanted to celebrate by going out. I was so wrung out from my fight with the code that I really wanted to eat at home, but I didn't mind if we bought food. So he took us to Lafayette, to the really good take-out, Mexican food place and we brought really Good Food home.

Gradually, the good feeling of knowing that insurance was going to take care of the bulk of the Big Bill really, really sunk in. This is very, very good news indeed.

On the way home, the sky was lighting like fireworks from dozens upon dozens of lightning strikes. Here, there, everywhere, and the rain was coming down all around us. It was steady in Lafayette and on the way home we saw the wetness everywhere. Yay! No having to water the grass! So this was very good indeed. During dinner it rained a little, but not a lot, so John decided to take the topless Stoat in to Erie to get it checked out so that it can be re-plated. As he was getting ready for that, I went upstairs to write journal stuff, and, immediately, the sky lit up and then it started to just pour. Poor John.

Fezzik was barking his head off, which made my dictation software mildly unhappy with me. The roar of the rain probably didn't help all that much, either. But I got a lot done, John got his cars inspected, and Fezzik had a grand time running around and around and around our yard, barking at all the lightning. I think he's not as sore anymore. A good thing. He was even bouncing a bit when he came to greet us when we got home. I think that this running around thing is good for him, and invited Debbie to come again, frequently if she wants to and she said that they would.

So I'm tired, still a bit sore from all the raking I did. One hand had some blisters from the staffs of the implements of planting, and it's gradually getting better. I'm going to have a four day rest, it looks like, so I'd best get this out while I can. Amazon was good and told me, today, that my books, which include the new Bujold book, will be arriving before Saturday. So it looks like if I need to be still and just read I'll have some really good stuff to read. This will be like a mini-vacation, I think. That's good.

One of the really odd things was finding out that some friends of mine might be pregnant, not really by accident, but it sounded unexpected. Not thoroughly planned for and while it was going to be good in the long run, they really hadn't thought everything out yet and it was more like it was happening to them than the other way around. With this whole surgery thing and all the things that John and I are having to go through to get this done, I'm all the more glad, in some ways, that we didn't and, little though we knew it, couldn't have gotten pregnant until we were absolutely sure and capable of a real commitment. A lifetime commitment, really.

Kathy says that it's almost like God was listening. That all those years when I was praying that I wouldn't have a kid until I was ready, that He heard or Reality Heard or something, and it really came true. That there wasn't going to be any way it could happen until we were ready to do something about it. So, there it is.

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