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December 22, 2000
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Movie Madness

A very quiet day at work. Though I'd heard mutterings of, "These cookies are addictive!" behind my back a lot through the day. I'd put the pecan logs next to the box of chocolates, and I watched the level of the cookies go down steadily through the day.

I spent some time on-line. My hands hurt, but I was feeling kind of lonely and I knew that I was going to be spending Christmas with John and we didn't have anything really planned. So I just chatted with folks about their holidays, their gifts, their plans. It was nice to have the contact. There were folks at work, too, that I talked with about the same things. Bill came in around lunch time and got his email. He seemed really tired but really content. Happy. It was fun listening to him talk about how easy it was to hold his little girl, and how nice it all was and that things had gone well.

Reassuring, after all the classes and instruction and books about all the things that can go badly, to simply have a birth that went well. Reality.

I didn't get much done and didn't worry too much about it. I did talk over whether or not it would be okay for me to check stuff in next week, as I'm pretty much done with the changes I wanted to make with Cary. He's the one that would be most impacted and since he's taking the whole week off, he said it wouldn't be a problem.

While I was putzing about, I found release announcements for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I was mildly envious because Kathy had sent me a notice saying that the Boulder area wasn't going to actually have a release of it until sometime in January. The reviews are all really good, even for the limited release. I just noodled about all the various links and connections from the Netscape movie links and stumbled on the fact that here, in the Denver area, it was opening today, too!!! It surprised the hell out of me. I'd been so completely convinced that I wouldn't get to see it for months, and here it was! So I ran over to John, who, very sensibly told me to see if I could buy tickets online for tonight.

Tonight! Much dancing and glee. Sadly, however, the on-line ticketing mechanisms were turned off for the theater we could actually get to after work. So we decided to just brave it when the time came.

The night itself was bitter cold and wind chill was bringing it down in to the single digits, but I had John's heavy coat on and it was very protective, when I put my fur hat on it really helped, too. So we parked fairly far out as the parking lot was a complete zoo at the Westminster 24. John was laughing at how quickly I was walking and even dancing about as I so wanted to see this movie! It was really cool to be really enthusiastic about it all. I so wanted to see it. Then we got to the ticket lines and found out that the showing that we could go at and not turn into pumpkins was sold out already! Agh!

Which is actually a very good thing, in one manner of speaking. This is the middle of the country. Low Chinese population on the whole, and at a huge movie house to actually have a sub-titled 'art movie' sold out the first night it was showing was pretty cool. So, instead of lamenting loudly, we tried to get tickets to Miss Congeniality (okay, so I really identify with the protagonist, sometimes), but they were down to their last ten tickets! John neatly asked for Grinch tickets, instead and also ought two tickets for tomorrow night's 6:50 showing of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. We'll have to snag a really fast dinner after class tomorrow, but it seemed well worth doing. Just so that I made sure I had protien, I bought myself a hot dog. It tided me over.

The Grinch was fun. There was a lot more to it than the book or the cartoon, but then if you're trying for a two hour movie from a book of few pages or a cartoon of maybe 40 minutes, it seemed interesting additions. Not all of the additions were ones that worked for me, but enough of them did. Max, the dog, was really, really great. Lots of screaming, crying, laughing, running, and pretty tired kids in the theater. Even in the line waiting to get in there were some pretty grumpy kids, but it was interesting to watch them as well.

But I really want tomorrow to be here.

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