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December 22, 1998
a year ago


It's so very odd.

Folk are just milling about, some of us just wandering about or lying on the company couch and joking around, talking, it's noisier here than it's been for quite some time. It's very odd. Minc Inc. is officially dissolved today. They're laying off the people that they're going to lay off, and tomorrow is the day that Xilinx starts paying our paychecks. Everyone is, officially, however, going to be terminated today, the day the old company dies to make room for what's new.

So the shareholders bought in, enough of the technical people bought in and it looks like it's going to be pretty good.

Yesterday, I really didn't feel like cooking, so John took me to the Coho Cafe, which is a very nice, very Seattle fusion fish with Asian and Mexican touches kinda restaurant. It was good. Lots of possible things to try, but very flashy kinda food. John congratulated me for asking. He knows how hard it is for me, and what a keen thing it was to actually have it requited. We also stopped to buy Christmas gifts and look for citric acid, which I couldn't find, and some other things that I needed to make the bath fizzies. We finally made it home and let Fezzik out of the house for a bit of relief. Then we muddled through all the presents and wrapped them while talking and figuring out what it was we had.

There is a pile of presents for my family. Yow.

We then took Fezzik for a walk, and he was limping mildly. While he was at the vet, we had them check him out while he was there, they did X-Rays and a full investigation into what was going on with him. There had been some symptoms for an ACL tear, which would have been entirely ironic, but it turns out that Fezzik has a load of arthritis in his knees and ankles. Which is why he's been limping and why they'd gotten all warm. We called Kim today to find out exactly what was going on. There isn't much that can be done for it other than relief of the pain, so Kim recommended that we give him a couple aspirin with his food a couple times a day. It should take care of it all, and if it doesn't there are a number of prescription drugs that will take care of it, but are significantly more expensive.

But it'd be nice to have Fezzik happy and bouncy and without pain again. No matter what the price.

It's odd waiting. Listening to people go in one by one and sign the papers, get the vacation paid out, their severance paid out, all that stuff. It turns out that Xilinx has both vacation and sick leave, and we're all being signed on with the seniority we had with both Data I/O and Minc, so John and I are accumulating vacation at ungodly rates. It's going to be interesting, in the long run, just what that'll mean, as John's basically going in with fifteen years seniority already in place.

There's going to be a lunch for anyone that wants to go, a wake, per se, for Minc Inc. Minc is dead. It has deceased. It has ceased to be...

Sleep was easy last night. The decisions have been made, the hard questions asked. Nothing much to be nervous about anymore. What will be will be, and the path and the choices set anew. This is just another step, and it's going to be an intersting ride.

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