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December 2, 2001
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Much Needed Humidity

6:43 pm: Jet's at my chair grinning up at me and making raspberries as he tries to climb the chairs and peer at my Visor on the table. He's quite mobile, now. He's been having fun stealing ornaments from the tree and sucking on them, and he's been going over to the drying rack that has all his diaper covers and bibs and shaking it just to see everything move.

He's had a very busy day.

We had breakfast at Lucille's and afterwards we went to Safeway and stocked up. Jet ate beinet bits, biscuit bits, red beans, grits, and even a little of his baby food. He flirted with every table in all directions and got everyone at every table to grin, smile, speak, play, or wave at him before he turned his attention to the next table. I was pretty impressed with his intensity at getting the attention of each table's worth of people, and when one of the tables switched people, he got them to respond to him as well.

I was very impressed.

After Safeway we hit Sears and John bought a humidifier for the furnace. Ever since we swapped the old humidifier out of Jet's room, he's had miserable nights. He's been up three or four times a night, often for an hour or two at a time. He also wouldn't go to sleep unless he got his drink off me. Turns out the new humidifier wasn't working correctly. The darned internal sensor kept saying the humidity in the room was 50+ percent when a real humidity sensor read 23%. I was so mad.

Basically, for the last week, Jet's been sleeping without humidity, which explains why he was so desperately thirsty and why his nose was bleeding and getting really stuffed up.

We thought it was a cold, or having Kathy leave, or all kinds of other things. But John and I were having problems, too. We thought it might be lack of sleep, but when we tried to go back to sleep this morning, I figured out that it was just that my eyes felt so crappy from being so dry. When I put my contact lenses in with wetting solution they felt infinitely better.

So John did the direct solution, without complaining in the least. He got a humidifier that could plug into the heater and then spent the afternoon putting it in.

After he finished that, we put ornaments all over the tree with Jet helping. We put some of the more sturdy ornaments at Jet level. He was able to play with them, and enjoyed that a lot and left the rest of the tree alone. So that worked out well.

He basically pulls off what he wants to play with and that's that.

8:15 pm: Jet's still going strong, screetching at a pitch only little kids can reach while bouncing in John's arms. He's pulled one of the reindeer bells off the tree, stuffed it in his mouth, with the red yarn holding it on the tree trailing out, and crawled around, spitting it out when he really wants to breath hard. His nose is a little stuffed, but better with the humidifier running with the heat.

I'm glad John got the humidifier, it seems to be making everything more comfortable in the house. We're mostly just hanging out, watching TV, watching the blinking tree, playing with Jet, and drinking some egg nog with just a nip of gold rum. It's very relaxing. I'm glad we have had today to just relax around the house and not worry about too much.

Kathy was great and gave me an idea for a gift for Dad. I think that it's an axiom that Dads are the hardest person to shop for, and Kathy did really good by me. I'm glad of her.

One useful thing from doing all that shopping is that I finally know what I really want for Christmas. Before it was just an incoherent bunch of little things that sounded interesting, however, given how many thousand pictures of Jet I have, it would be really cool to have a printer that could print picture quality prints from my digital pictures. I'd really like that, and John is helping me figure out what I really want. The Canon S800 is just looking really cute, and it'd be fun to have pictures I can actually pick up and handle.

Jet is just so cool with all this new stuff. He's really enjoying things, eventhough he doesn't really understand it, the simple novelty makes him happy and that, alone, is a great way to get my own emotions and feelings about the season swirling, moving, and going. I am pretty happy just watching him get around and playing.

His rashes seem mildly better. He's going to get a bath tonight, a thorough dosing with lotions and A+D and a dry lining disposable for his diaper tonight. I really just don't want to play with it until he actually gets completely healed up so it's better to keep his skin well moisturized and keep minimal contact with acidic stuff from his skin. The cotton diapers are really bad at that, but the disposables do it well. A clean skin is a good thing.

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