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December 1, 2001
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Baby Progress

10:09 pm: Jet had a fantastic day today in terms of showing lots of interesting progress things.

He got up and started pushing the walker around, from the 'wrong' side, but when John stood him up on the 'right' side, he took a good three, wobbly steps tonight. He did it again for me, when I cam down to see him do it.

He had a really rough night last night again. The cold seems to have been causing him some discomfort. He also has a fair case of diaper rash and that was bothering him as well, though we've been using plenty of A+D on him and some of it is healing up the cold, dry weather lately has made the rash a bit rougher. I actually think the worst of it was when he was drinking a lot of the Pedialyte. It's better than it was but still not totally healed up. We're having to be careful to just wipe him with water and make sure he's dry before slathering him with the stuff.

There are moment when I doubt the wisdom of cloth diapers. Then again, there are rumors that they'll make potty training easier, so we'll have to see. And it may only be this weather.

We went out and did a lot of Christmas things today, buying a bunch of gifts, and setting some of them up for later delivery. We also did a lot of research on camcorders and on looking at color printers that could do picture quality printing. I am kind of tired of spending a lot of money on prints of the digital pictures we have. The little Polaroid printer that Geoff got us only works with Windows 98, there is no Windows 2000 driver for the little thing, as it's been replaced with a portable printer that doesn't take any computer at all to print. So I don't have a printer that works for the pictures we want anymore.

I did like the fact that the little one actually did actual pictures. I don't want to print pictures on regular paper, I want to have good quality prints and I'm willing to buy the glossy picture grade paper to do it. There was a rather sweet looking Canon printer that I was drooling over at Circuit City. There are other possibilities that I'll have to look at, but they looked really good. There was also a JVC picture printer that just looked really nice and was marked down 60%. It may or may not have actually been a good buy, but I'll have to look at some data on the various printers.

We had lunch at Wahoo's Fish Tacos and I had a giant steak quesadilla and a big bowl of chicken tortilla soup. It was very spicy and excellent for making my mild cold just go away a little more. It really cleared my nose out well. The steak quesadilla was just huge and John got fish tacos and a nice basket of sweet onion rings. They were really yummy. Jet got to eat some of John's rice and black beans. I gave Jet a few tortilla strips and some of the beef from my quesadilla. He loved all of that.

Jet fell asleep on the way home, and he and I napped in the bedroom for an hour while John did stuff upstairs. I then got my chance with the computers while John cooked dinner. He made won tons and the last of the sticky rice bundles. We're definitely emptying out the refrigerator and the freezers. I'm glad. It's a lot of food that we just should eat.

Jet had a great time playing like crazy through the kitchen and livingroom. He did the walking bit, then chased John around the kitchen until John gave him a baby food jar lid to play with. Jet then played and played with it. John then tucked it under a rug, and instead of just assuming that it had disappeared, Jet peered intently at where it had gone and waited for it. He obviously knew it still existed under the rub, and expected it to still be there when John raised the rug. He just picked it up and went on his way, banging it on the floor every time that hand hit the floor again.

So Jet seems to have learned about the persistence of objects. Ten months old and he already knows things still exist if he doesn't see them. If only he'd believe that about me.

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