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December 19, 2001
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Jet At Work

So Jet got to be a member of Boss Bill's staff this morning. While I was nursing Jet before sending him to Joan's, Joan called to say that Haley had gut problems and a fever. They're possibly assignable to teething problems, they could also be a stomach flu or something, and that's no fun, especially since Jet's been hale and happy for the last few days and I have absolutely no desire to have any kind of stomach ailment for Christmas.

So I took Jet to work with me. He had a grand time during the staff meeting, playing with his toys, going to check out Bob and Sudipto. Cary and Bob got a little play time with him before the meeting, and Jet wandered about happily during the meeting. Jet also ate crackers, some of the bread Cary brought that his wife A.J had made, and he drank half of his bottle of water. He didn't have any formula, but he did get a change between the staff meeting and my one on one with Bill.

Olivia, Bill's daughter who is only three or four months older than Jet, but very much taller and bigger, got to visit at the beginning of the meeting as well. Bill's wife had made everyone cookie mixes in canning jars, and had brought them to give to everyone. She'd come with Olivia so both Jet and Olivia got to eye each other a little bit across the meeting room table at the beginning of the meeting. That was pretty funny.

During the one on one, Jet sat quietly in my lap and played with my badge and fell asleep while Bill and I talked. I guess Jet's so used to Bill's voice during meetings that he just falls asleep with it going on. So he slept. He slept through my repacking of everything, slept through getting put into his car seat, slept all the way home and then slept another hour and a half after I got home, so I was able to do all the things Bill wanted done by the end of the day. Whew.

John came home early and took care of feeding Jet solids after Jet had woken up, fed off me, and then played for another hour or two. So that's been very useful as well.

Jet was only up three times last night, all of them mercifully short, though I'm still having problems putting him back to sleep after feeding him because of his separation anxiety. When John takes him, he just goes right to sleep and stays that way after only five or ten minutes with John. So we've gotten into the habit of me getting up to feed him, then handing him over to John to put down, and that's minimized the time up for everyone concerned. That's good.

Kathy's box arrived yesterday, and John unpacked it and put all the gifts under the tree. She gave quite a few gifts to John and I as well as a couple for Jet.

The collection under the tree is quite a pile, mostly for Jet, as it should be. I rather like the tradition that John's family has of all the adults only give and receive from one other adult, but the kids get gifts from everyone.

When John was done with the big box, Jet, of course, decided it would be fun to peer into . He climbed up the side to wobble and stand at the edge, and then he leaned forward and leaned far enough forward that he tumbled, head first, into the packing peanut filled box. Faboosh, peanuts everywhere, and a giggling baby to try and convince *not* to dive back into the box again. I gave up pretty quickly, and he had fun with it until he got bored of tumbling head first into peanuts. It took a while, and it was worth every peanut picked up.

Jet's also gotten into a habit of crawling after me whenever he needs a Mom fix and when he catches me, if I'm standing, he'll climb up my legs and stand there, peeping at me while wobbling madly because of his uncertain handholds in the fabric of my pants. It's astonishing to watch him do it, as the fabric moves with his motions, but he is adjusting to all the motion and staying standing up. I often reach down and pick him up just so he won't fall flat on his butt.

There was a cartoon Isabel showed me of a little boy tugging on his mom's skirt and her saying, "I don't know if I can cook and hold you at the same time." And the little boy says, "Learn!" and the last panel shows the little boy cuddled into his mom in her arm while she cooks. I am learning how to cook with only one arm.

Jet is totally fascinated by my cooking techniques and processes. He watches everything I do and he's actually been really good about not reaching for the things that are dangerous for him to handle. I'm very glad of that.

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