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December 18, 2001
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Happier Jet, Sadder Teeth

7:49 pm: Jet had a bad, gassy night last night. He was up until nearly 2 am with gas, twisting, painful stuff that just didn't let him sleep. It finally worked itself through and then he slept until 4, ate, and then slept clear through to 8, when I had to wake him up so that I could feed him before he went to Joan's. Poor tyke, he was still asleep when I went to get him up.

He didn't sleep a wink at Joan's. and then napped for two hours after getting home, which solved any problems I might have had with getting work done. I got stuff done quite handily. I wanted, desperately, to just sleep, but it was easier to just get things done while I could think and not have to worry about Jet at all.

We spent the afternoon playing, which was actually doing laundry, feeding Jet solids, and otherwise entertaining ourselves with things that had to be done. Most housework and everything is pretty simple with Jet. It doesn't require that much brain and that much attention, so I can always have half an eye out for Jet. The gate made it even easier. I didn't have to worry about where he might be at all.

He even got a session in the old exersaucer because he'd gone and investigated the VCR once too many times, so I tucked him in the saucer, and he was perfectly willing to play in there with all the toys available to him from within the thing. He was suitably immobilized, so I could take a bathroom break. That was very useful. I sometimes tuck him in the portable play pen for the same reasons.

He's been very much happier since his skin condition cleared up. And Jet's been pretty willing to play anywhere and with must about anything. He's also taking a much greater interest in books of various sorts. Pat The Bunny has all kinds of interesting things to play with within it, and Jet really wants to pull the tiny book out of the bigger book.

John got home at 4:30, and at 5, I got to go and work another hour while John fed Jet and took care of stuff. I came down and made chicken fried steaks. John made mashed potatoes and salad while I did the steaks and gravy. It made for a pretty satisfying dinner. My teeth, however, were pretty sensitive to the cold salad. I think I have either two more cavities or some of the sensitivity from the fillings has just crossed nerve systems in my jaw or something.

I have at least three different teeth that are now super sensitive to cold, and it's on the biting surfaces. I am not happy with that, but I am going to get an examination by the dentist that finally fixed my toothguard the other time, and I might get a good assessment of what's going on. Right now it's making me mildly unhappy.

Jet had a great time this evening, spending time in the play pen while John did stuff on the computer, and he's now spending a little time there while I write and John cleans up the kitchen. He seems pretty content with all his toys and even with the fencing itself. He's laughing and talking and standing up to see what I'm doing, but seems pretty content to be in his space.

Tonight we gave him some anti-gas stuff with a couple ounces of formula an hour and a half before he goes to bed. I'm hoping that the anti-gas stuff will work through his system in that time and at least relieve whatever pressure he has inside before it is time for him to sleep.

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