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December 26, 2001
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Boxing Day Feast

2:11 pm: So it was neither, really. Poor Jet woke up at 11pm, just screaming. John was so concerned by how hysterical Jet seemed, that he woke me up and handed groggy me a screaming, writhing baby. I cuddled Jet for a while, but it didn't seem to be getting any better. Jet was just screaming with crying, and he was writhing really hard, and when I said, "I don't think he's angry simply because of me." John took him back out into the livingroom and I could hear Jet screaming still.

I put on my robe and slippers and went out into the livingroom and said that I'd be glad to spell John for a bit, and so I took Jet and bounced him and held him and rocked him and hung onto him while he thrashed. I asked John to get the anti-gas stuff, as Jet seemed to be in real pain and it really seemed to be his gut with the way he was thrashing, and we managed to get the dropper into Jet' mouth and he sucked it down. After that, and a lot of bouncing, Jet quieted and was hiccuping in his sleep against my shoulder. He was so thrashed.

Jet did release some gas, urrping several times before finally coming to rest against me. John offered to take him, then, and I gladly handed him over. With both of us out there, it was far less scary and we were able to think of the anti-gas stuff. Something Jet ate really disagreed with his digestive system, and I'm glad he got a chance to get rid of whatever it was, or have it pass through him to the point where it didn't hurt anymore.

He slept until 3, woke up hungry and grumpy. Jet grumbled and fussed while I changed him and for the first ten minutes while I fed him. He seemed just really tired, still. Then he settled and went back to sleep and stayed that way until nearly 8:30 this morning. John actually woke up before he did, and was out in the livingroom when he heard some banging on Jet's door. Turns out that Jet had woken up quietly and gotten out of the nest of his old infant car seat and crawled around his room and finally banged on the door to be let out. No crying.

He was a much happier little guy this morning. He had breakfast off me and a breakfast of solids, and rampaged about happily. We all went downstairs, after breakfast, to watch the Final Fantasy DVD. It's very pretty, but the plot is very video gamish. Okay, so that should have been a given. It was also very interesting seeing the intricate detail of the renderings but still finding that all the facial expressions still lacked... depth. Another interesting thing that bothered me was that the body motion of all the characters felt, very much, like minor variations on each other. That was an odd thing to realize.

It was pretty, though, and I enjoyed it as a rental.

Jet refused to sleep during it, but he's now napping. The next door neighbors with five kids have invited us over for a Boxing Day Feast. So we're going to have deep fried turkey and get another chance for people to eat the red cabbage salad and the desserts. Yay! More food!

Sadly, the teeth on the left side of my jaw are unhappy with me. In the niggling kind of way that probably means that I have some fillings to get done when the vacation is over. I have a dentist appointment on the 7th, for Dr. Davis, the one that fixed my tooth guard. So I have some hope of getting things fixed for real. In the meantime I should probably just take the one Motrin I need to get to sleep at night and be thankful it doesn't do more than ache a little. I do admit to some emotional problems about the whole thing, but I can't really do anything about it until the appointment.

7:54 pm: Boxing Day dinner was quite the success. Roy did a deep fried turkey and they also did a Dutch oven turkey, lots of potatoes, rolls, salad of two kinds and gravy. Another high starch and meat dinner, which was quite yummy. John actually helped put the turkey into the three and a half gallons of 400 degree oil and it cooked merrily.

When the three of us went over, there was a plume of steam coming from the boiling oil and we could smell the smell of cooking turkey all the way down the driveway and back. We happily went into kid chaos, and Jet had a blast, first with Alexis, then with Hanna. John and I went outside to see the turkey getting taken out and other neighbors from nearby came by, Tracy was the husband and Lisa was his wife and they brought their four kids. Lisa fell in love with Jet, and had a great time with him, they were growling at each other and she was enchanted by him.

Alyssa made hor'dvours, an artichoke heart cheese melted and browned on crisp slices of bread. It was garlicky and rich and studded with artichokes. Really yummy. We had fun devouring them and I watched Jet chase 3 year old Ben and a little more than one year old Sam around. He was having a great time getting into everything they were getting into and Jet was highly curious about everything they were doing.

Joan had said, last night, that Jet was the most curious kid she'd ever seen. He just goes and takes something and studies it from every angle and tries it in various ways before he'll pay attention to something else. Kathryn noted that his curiosity might have been what motivated his venture against the wood stove. Everyone says he's definitely the child of engineers.

Oddly enough it makes me mildly more comfortable about my assumption as a child that I *would* be an engineer. I didn't want to do research because it wasn't grounded in real things. Of course I'm now working in software which is possibly as far as you can get from reality and still be under the ceiling of engineering sciences. Still..

Jet had a great time with all of their toys. He liked playing with Ben's fire engine and Ben was really cool about letting Jet play with stuff. I imagine that being part of that large a family you'd have to be good at sharing. It was fun to watch them all doing stuff, and Jet tagging along after, trying to figure stuff out. Things like the VCR, pushing around on a truck, and all kinds of other toys that Jet had never seen.

Dinner was fun. Jet got to sit with the adults because we had to feed him, but all the kids got their own table. The food was good, but the conversation was even more interesting. Moms of a total of nine kids get some really interesting stores. The dinner conversation went around and around a few times and then settled on birthing stories. Everywhere from 30 minutes after walking into the hospital to 12 hours and makeup for the first kid.

It was pretty amazing. I mostly listened and asked more leading questions. They had some amazing stories, not just about birthing but about kids that had some pretty hard things to deal with, including a little girl with two aortas and the months in the hospital with her. There was a lot of stuff that was kind of scary, but also very interesting especially knowing that everything turned out well.

The guys all left the table when the birthing stories got a bit too graphic. Hee. I was glad to have at least had the experience, so I wasn't lost amid, "I got from 5 to 10 in five minutes..." And I understood why curling ones hair and putting on ones makeup to have the first baby in perfect style was something to really smile at. It was just interesting to be amid that much experience.

The kids were doing just fine, and Jet was rampaging about after Ben and Sam. He seems to have picked up the Fezzik propensity of picking a kid to chase and then just chasing them until he's well past exhausted. He was hungry and tired and Lisa picked him up in one expert arm and fed him from the jar while holding him. That's not a trick I've ever tried, but she was doing it deftly and very happily. It had been a while since she'd taken care of a baby, and she was enjoying it immensely.

It was pretty fun.

We left at 6:30 and went home to nurse Jet and when we were done we then went over to the video store and returned Final Fantasy. Jet was really tired, but he didn't fall asleep during the ride. He did seem to enjoy the ride, though and listened to us and watched us the whole time. He got a good rest, though and is now playing cheerfully again.

With the new bath toys my mom and dad got Jet, we're going to give Jet a bath tonight. He's been needing to take a bath more often than once a week since the Vaseline treatment for his diaper stuff. It's just good to get him clean of all the food he now puts into his hair, ears, and eyebrows. It should be fun. Hopefully he's not too tired to sleep tonight.

10:08 pm: Jet loved the toys. He is also getting big enough that he probably doesn't need the bathing seat anymore, he's pretty stable and it's getting small enough that his legs don't fit as well as they ought to. He's getting big. He was also utterly fascinated by the sight of the tub getting filled with water and things starting to float in the water. He really enjoys grabbing things that are underwater and pulling them around under there. They move differently and he seems to be experimenting with that.

He had a great time in the bath, ate off me and then twisted all around until he was asleep on the Boppy. John took him upstairs, took a little while to bounce him to sleep and he's resting quietly. I think with eating less adult food, playing a good deal but not until he was totally exhausted, and basically being tired but not too over tired, he might do well tonight. We'll see.

I gook my Motrin just before Jet ate, so my teeth don't hurt right now. That's very good for going to sleep. A little advanced planning is a good thing and knowing that I'm going to limit the time that I use pain killers is a thing that really helps me settle my mind about the whole things. This isn't for ever, just for the week until I get everything looked at. I have an end date and an action list, so eventhough nothing has changed, my brain isn't going around in endless loops of 'is it bad enough yet?"

Yay! That should help me sleep much better, no matter how many times Jet gets up.

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