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December 29, 2001
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Quietly At Home

7:33 pm: It was actually another quiet day. We mostly stayed home and did stuff that needed doing, laundry, getting taxes done, and some computer and journal stuff. Jet only got up once last night, but it was for two hours. At least John and I traded off for the time and Jet really wanted to play. That was kind of funny. He stayed asleep until 7, too, and got an early nap in.

We did one errand. One of the things that Walt and Cathie wanted to do was to go cross-country skiing, so we went to REI and got Jet a backpack to sit on our backs and a snow suit that should keep him warm for a while. The arms and legs on the snow suit will expand, there's seams in the suit that can be let out. I was pretty happy that it was built to grow with him.

The trip itself was pretty quick. When we got back there was just enough time for a snack for Jet and I when Walt and Cathie arrived. Everyone had a great time playing with Jet before going off to dinner at Casa de Mina.

The service took a while, but it was fun to just sit and talk and then share food. I made the mild mistake of getting the chicken mole enchiladas and they kind of wore my poor teeth out.

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