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December 8, 2002
three years ago
three years ago
four years ago

Frye's Fix, Climbing, and the Fish Market

1:23 pm: I woke up this morning to the sound of Jet going, quite firmly, "No. No. Noooooo!" Just a few times, and then he was quiet. So he either got what he wanted, or whatever it was that was happening to him stopped. Vocal, self-confident, and able to stick up for what he really wants until he gets it boy. That made me smile and go back to sleep.

Then I heard him humming happily to himself just outside our door, where the changing table is, and the rip rip of the Velcro. I am always glad when he makes it easy on whoever is doing the changing when it's not me. Yay! So it was a good morning for sleeping in. He'd had a good night, so it was even nicer to be able to sleep in and catch up for the last week. It's been hard, lately.

I cleaned out the last of the sticky toffee pudding for my breakfast. It was still very yummy, the cake really stands up well to the sauce and heating; but I think if I mail ordered it, I'd get one jar of sauce for something like three or four cakes; as a little of that gooey, rich sauce goes a very long way.

Kathy, Mom, and Dad took Jet to a park, and John and I got to go on a Frye's adventure. We needed a little time away, and we thought it would be cool for Jet to play with them. We also needed a few things, Starbucks, Frye's, and In-N-Out burgers, stuff we really didn't need to inflict on Kathy or my parents, either, as they're just not things they really do. Kathy was thankful. *grin*.

It was really nice having John along, and having our needs be in complete sync, as the very first thing John asked me was where a Starbucks was. I said that I remembered that there was one right by the Frye's, and, sure enough, there was. We went in and after ordering our drinks, I wandered about and saw that they had a Christmas display. And on it, of all things, was a bottle of their caramel sauce!!

I had to get it.

I ran up to the counter with it and babbled happily about how happy I was to find this, and the girl at the counter said, "Hey, Bill, they're buying the sauce!" Turns out that the barista was a fanatic about the caramel sauce, too, and was happy that we were buying it. Turns out that even he couldn't buy it before this. Even the sales folks couldn't buy the caramel sauce to take home, and it turns out that these bottles were a limited, Christmas edition of the sauce! Woohoo. I thought about getting two, but there was a lot of it in the bottle. He was happy that someone else was buying it, too, as it gave all the more incentive for them to sell more of the stuff in the long term.

I'd always wondered if I could just buy the sauce from the barista, but now I know I couldn't, and I'm very glad that I got what I could.

We sipped our coffee drinks and stepped into Frye's, and we went up and down every single aisle.

Yup. Every Single Aisle.

Geeks that we are, it was hard not to fill a shopping cart. I did, however, get quite a few things, put a few back, and then mutter to myself about what I put back. Hee. We also bought Christmas presents for some of our nephews and nieces, and I also bought a whole 25 pack of slim CD covers. We mail photo CDs and other CDs often enough that it's useful to have these to protect them beyond a simple paper sleeve. I liked how they looked enough to get the huge pack. It's not like we won't use them.

We finally burnt out when we hit the software department, which was an excellent time. We did, however, find a roll of Christmas wrapping paper on sale, and we bought that so that we could wrap the gifts we'd brought my family on the plane. Airport security recommends not wrapping them before the trip. So we had to get them wrapped somehow. And it was a good price on the paper.

From there, we went to the In-N-Out burger in Pacific Beach. There is still nothing like a cooked to order burger with grilled onions and perfect fries. They're thin, crisp, and hot from the fat, and I really do love them. It was fun to just sit there and enjoy them knowing that John was enjoying them just as much. Yay for shared enjoyment!

3:51 pm A pretty quiet afternoon, after all the stuff John and I did for the morning. Since we'd bought wrapping paper at Frye's, we wrapped all the gifts we'd brought and set them under the tree Dad and I put up the other day.

Mom and Dad have taken Jet for a walk. Kathy's playing with their Mac. John's eaten by the Game Boy Advanced and the Bandicoot game. I'm gradually catching up with all the entries I've given up on in the last week, what with being so damned busy with everything up to this vacation. So I have a lot to catch up on with writing and journaling. It's good to go through the last week and try and get down as much as I can' remember for the blank days.

Kathy was cool and told me about their adventure in the park. Jet decided he really wanted to climb this climbing thing, that was a half- circle ladder in the air. He got up one side adn started slipping, and both Mom and Kathy paniced, and Kathy went up and helped him all the way over, hoping that would satisfy his need to go over. Instead, Jet turned around and started climbing again. Wow. So he was coordinated enough to get a good ways up! I was pretty impressed, and Kathy said that he'd seen other kids go all the way over, which might have been why he was trying.

I was very impressed by Kathy. It was very cool of her to just let Jet try and do things himself, and when it was obviously unsafe, she stepped in and helped him do what he obviously wanted to do, even if it was something she and Mom thought he shouldn't do. I thought that was really neat.

10:30 pm: Jet finally went to sleep, as did everyone else in the house. I can sit and watch the lights down in the harbor, seeing all the lights of San Diego and the water fronts. There are still tiny, lit boats wandering about down there, the aftermath of the Parade of Lights that we got to see at The Fish market.

Kathy, John and I went to the Fish Market on Harbor, downtown, instead of going to Del Mar. It turns out that Mom, Dad, and Kathy have been to the restaurants and all of them have gone to the Del mar one, while Mom and Dad had gone to both. Mom said that the one downtown was better, so we decided to go there. Dad gave John good instructions and we took a Thomas Guide along for insurance and made it, just fine. The parking lot was unexpectedly full, so John dropped us off at the front while he went to park. He said that he went around the lot twice before finally just handing the car over to the valets.

It wasn't so full that there was a waiting line, but it was pretty full as the Parade of Lights was happening out in the Harbor, and the windows to the restaurant were lined up perfectly for everyone to watch all the lit boats going by. There were small craft of all shapes and sizes with varying amounts of decoration. Some were just thick with icicle lights, others were lit to look like Santa's Sleigh, a row of snowmen, or even one that looked like the whole of Santa's workshop. A few of the more graceful sailboats or cigar boats were simply outlined in lights. People would cheer and waves as they went by the outside seating.

I was glad we were inside. The wind and the humidity were making it pretty chilly outside.

The menu was exactly as shown on their web site. With a clear emphasis on the local, fresh fish. So I got the black cod. John got the skewered assortment of fishes. Kathy got Duckett's Bucket, which is a huge assortment of steamed shellfish, normally an appetizer, but quite adequate for a full meal. I also ordered the assortment of raw oysters, and then beat myself up a little for not looking at the back of the menu and just ordering the oysters that they'd raised, since they had their own oyster beds.

Turned out, however, that it was a good thing that I'd gotten the assortment. John thought the Wescotts were the worst of the bunch. I'd ceded the Wescotts to Kathy and John as I'd thought they'd be the best, and the two I ate were very good. The huge ones were crisp and sweetly briny, the medium sized ones were creamy and deeply salty. Kathy got the crisp one and John ate the other creamy one and both pronounced them better than the Wescotts. Ah well.

The dinners came. Kathy needed help with her Bucket. She and I had said that we'd split things when we ordered, but she said she wanted nothing of my black cod as she had far too much to eat right in front of her. So we didn't trade.

I really enjoyed my black cod. It was tender, flavorful, and they'd cooked it so simply. Just broiled with a side slice of lemon. Maybe a bit of seasoning, just salt and pepper, before it was cooked. So all the juices were just from the fish itself. No heavy butter or cream or oil or chilies or herbs to mask the flavor of the fish. That was so good.

The shellfish steamer was a little different. There was a lot of white wine, butter, and 'stuff' in with the shellfish. There were enormous New Zealand mussels, smaller local mussels, and lots of cherrystone clams. Nearly all of the little steamer clams were pretty sweet, but one smelled exactly like Jet's dirty diapers. Ugh. I put that one aside, and it cast some doubt, on my part, as to the goodness of their shellfish.

They mostly advertise their fresh fish, so I was glad that the bulk of what I'd eaten was a local black cod. If I ever go back, I'll have to remember to stick to the local, fresh fish. Period. I saw one lady order the crabcakes and when they came to her, they were tiny, hard, puck like objects, rather than the looser, airier balls that denote vast amounts of uncompressed lump meat that I love in a great crab cake.

But everyone enjoyed their meal. The boats were fun to see, and we got out of their unscathed.

Home again, home again, and Mom was sad that Jet hadn't eaten nearly anything while we were gone. We let him play for a while, and then presented a bao, some ramen with peas, and a plate with a few other items on them. Jet picked the bao and bit it and ate away at it happily until he hit the filling. He was mildly unsure of that. So he went back to playing. Eventually, though, he set down his blocks, picked up the fork, and dove into the ramen with the fork and, eventually, both hands. That made Mom happier.

It also made Jet happier. He ate all the ramen, ate all the insides of the peas in the ramen, and spit out all the pea shells. That was funny. John served everyone some ice cream, as we'd bought some Ben and Jerry's from the 99 Market last night, and everyone got to feed Jet some ice cream. He ran around to everyone and begged bites. He ended up at my bowl because I was slowest, and he started digging out the big chocolate chunks from my ice cream and eating those and refusing the ice cream itself. Hee. He would just put both hands into my bowl and squeeze all my ice cream to find the chunks! Once he found them, he ate them, though, so that was a good thing.

Then he also drank four ounces of milk. It was 10 and he was staggering tired. Kathy had to go, so everyone got a hug, got told 'bye-bye' and most everyone got a kiss on the cheek as well. Then I got Jet into my lap and he nursed himself to sleep while Kathy was packing up, my parents were doing a few things, and John was getting ready for bed. I got Jet down and he went right to sleep with his bear.


So he's had a very busy and very happy day.

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