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December 9, 2002
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Getting Home

1:17 pm: We are on the plane. No problem. Though it was a little chancy getting Jet to the airport still awake. It took quite a lot of doing, and he was really grumpy about being kept up; but the reward is that he's now fast asleep on the plane and doing quite well. I'm very glad of that.

Jet had a great night. For the first time in a long time he was only up once last night. He was up a bit before 4 and then got up for real around 6. Of course, he went to sleep around 10:30, so I was mildly surprised that he didn't stay down longer. It would have made the 'staying awake' until we're to the airport easier.

Mom fed him a great breakfast, though, and Dad and John played with him a lot. Jet got to watch TelliTubbies, and got to say good-bye to them. He mostly played out in the livingroom while John and I packed everything we could remember from all the rooms we'd spread to. It was cool to not have the Christmas present box anymore, and Mom thanked us for the presents. I think it'll be okay.

I left a list of the things John and I found at Frye's with all the part numbers and stuff on the breakfast table. Dad found them and was very grateful. It's all there. I'm glad that we were that thorough, and made sure that we specified the full headset instead of the ear phones. They get a little annoying stuck in an ear for a long time. I just don't need to be any more irradiated than I am on a normal basis. But I think John had something specific in mind, so I'm glad he was there and could have his say.

John managed to fit all our stuff, the stuff we were given, and the stuff we bought into just the suitcases. Yay! I'm always happy for John's packing abilities. Dad and Mom took us to the airport and Mom laughed while I tried to keep Jet awake the whole way there. She felt kind of sorry for him; but it's so much nicer having Jet nap at the usual time rather than disrupting his routine. Plus it means that nearly our whole flight will be with a sleeping toddler instead of one that's trying to run around the airplane. It'll be much easier to run around with him at the airport than on the plane.

So we got there in plenty of time, walked right up to the check-in counter, and then got into the really long line at the security gate. We got to say good-bye to Mom and Dad there, as they'd parked and come to say good-bye, and then Jet wanted, very firmly wanted, down. So I let him down. He immediately headed for the escalators that were right there. So I took his hand and we went down the escalator, and then up and then down and then up again. He was very careful stepping on, and I found that I had to back-pedal a few times before he'd actually step on after I had. He was good, though, about taking the big step and letting me do small corrections of his positioning once he was on the band and slightly off one of the steps. Jet was great at stepping off at the end, too, just took the big step, with a good kick to get off the belt.

We got two circuits of it all in before we headed into the cattle chutes of the back and forth bit before the security gate. Jet protested mightily. He only quieted when he saw a bunch of big, burly guys getting off the escalator. He wanted to see other things, too, but we had to just hold onto him and get him through the waiting area. Once to the security thing, John and I shed stuff at a tremendous rate, stuffed them into the boxes and got them all through.

Once through, I let Jet run for the fountain. He got down and ran for it and then ran around it twice. He touched the rim of it the whole way, going clockwise and watching the spraying water. John went off to the gift store to find some candy for Jet, something that would take a while to eat and would keep him awake. He came back with an enormous, gourmet lollipop. They had dozens for flavors, and they were all the size of golf balls.

Jet took to it happily and started sucking on the huge thing. We bent the stick so that it would collapse if he fell with it. Then John went off to Starbucks to get mochas and I chased Jet around a while. I kind of wish that I'd gotten a picture of him there by the fountain. But I was too busy chasing him, which, I guess, is why my picture collection of Jet is far smaller since he got really mobile.

There was a See's Candy kiosk right next to us. I like See's Candies, and their chocolates are only to be found in California and the West Coast. They have pretty good stuff for being mass-produced. Not all hand-made, but they do pretty well. Some people swear by the stuff, and buy huge boxes every time they visit, but I just wanted something yummy that I could bring back. One of the things that I find hard to find in Colorado is the cheap packs of Almond Roca. They have the expensive cans and specialty packs; but not the rubber tubs of partial rejects, which is the way I used to buy them in the Seattle area, as they're made there.

The candy kiosk had big rubber tubs of an equivalent to the Almond Roca, though it was mildly more expensive and likely not the factory rejects. I missed the buttery crunch, so I bought the tub. Then we headed for the gate.

Jet got to sit in a regular seat and suck on his enormous sucker. He was dripping stickiness everywhere, and both hands were completely coated. That's when John said that it would probably be a good idea to always have a Dum Dum, the tiny suckers Jet usually gets, in the diaper bag when we travel. It's a great idea. They keep him occupied enough that he's very easy to deal with; but they're not nearly as huge, sticky and messy as this one was getting.

Still, it did the job of keeping Jet happy, busy, and quite still. He hung onto it for dear life as we boarded. He asked for the stick to be taken off while we waited for everyone to load. He then got mad about everything, as he was grumpy, tired, and didn't quite know what it was he wanted. Finally, I managed to clean off his face and one hand with a wet wipe and got him positioned to nurse. He refused to do so for half a minute, and then went at it. He hung onto his sucker until he was fast asleep, and we were finally able to pry it from his hand.

I cleaned that hand up, swapped him to the other side, let him drink, and when he was done and slumped over completely, I tucked him into his seat and snugged the seatbelt around him. He's still fast asleep. Whew. He'll probably be much happier when we finally get back on the ground. This is a very good thing.

The pick up at DIA was no problem. Jet and I were on the right floor this time, and I had M&M's to keep him with me instead of having him run off back into the airport. It was kind of hard. He woke up when we got on the ground, which was actually quite useful as we didn't have to carry him around while he was asleep.

After John picked us up we went to the Moonlight Cafe right there at the airport for our lunch/dinner. It was yummy. The milkshake was especially useful for keeping Jet occupied and he ate fries, nibbled on his grilled cheese sandwich, and got up to look at the juke box.

Home again home again, and it was nice to be home without having to worry about cooking. We just put everything away, and got to settle back into our home. While it was cool to visit San Diego and my family, it was very, very nice to get home again.

I am, however, going to have a hard time getting back to work tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. It was also nice that Jet slept so well the last few nights, I hope that he gets back into this as a habit.

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