Liralen's Adventure Through Life
December 2002
  1: Enjoying Jet
  2: Going To The Post Office
  4: Substance, Burritos, and A Lucky Find
  5: Capable Jet Going to San Diego
  6: The Beach, Shopping, and the Christmas Tree
  7: The Zoo and Chinese Food
  8: Frye's Fix, Climbing, and the Fish Market
  9: Getting Home
10: Bad Day to Get Back
11: Trashed But Swimming
12: ListPro, Workout at Longmont Rec.
13: Zombies
14: Errands, Santa, and a Movie
15: Bad Night, Cafe, Library, New Houses, and X-Mas Tree
16: Napping, Shopping, and Swimming
17: Santa and His Helper
18: Royal Bengal, Rec., and Mike O'Shea's
19: Stomach Flu
20: A Plan
21: The Holiday Walk
22: Sleep and Bread
23: Sleep Deprivation and Cookies
24: Recovery, Gifting, and Christmas Eve Service
25: Choo-Choo!
26: Rec. Center and a Creamy Candy Bath
27: Test Drive
28: Queasy
29: Quality and Buying an Eurovan
30: Money, Curtains, and a Car Wash
31: Knitting, Shopping, and Journals

We started the month with a trip to San Diego, as we really wanted to give Kathy a chance to play and interact with the much bigger, more coordinated, and verbal Jet. It was a whirlwind trip and very busy. I thought it was fun, and John and I got in a bunch of things that we wanted to do. Jet got to be spoiled by the Li side of his family, and he got to chase waves! What more could he want?

John, Jet and I made more usage of the Longmont Rec. Center on a regular basis. John and Jet got to be Santa and his little helper, passing out candy canes. Then we all came down, at one time or another with stomach flu.

We got to try out a Longmont tradition of the Holiday Walk, anyway, and our Holidays were restful and fun. Well... restful until we decided we had to get a Eurovan before the year ran out, and that got pretty intense pretty quickly, but we ended up with a silver Weekender with a pop top, bed, fridge, upper bunk, and enough amenities for a good, long trip, but not so many that I'd feel guilty in a hotel some nights. Yay! A good compromise.

I ended the year getting back into paper journals. I'll keep this up, but I don't know how frequently. We'll see if the public nature of this really makes the writing suffer even more than it does now.

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