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December 28, 2002
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8:56 pm: Queasy, icky day. I was up at 5 am with a gut that was really, really unhappy with me. And then I ran to the bathroom and paid homage. Ah well. Not fun. So I'm tired and sick and pretty unhappy.

It really didn't help that I knew that the Junior's cheesecake was coming today. It was, however, great motivation to eat really conservatively when I did eat. After all the stomach flu in the house these last few weeks, I was just very grateful that I wasn't throwing anything up. The cake arrived in the morning, and I dutifully tucked it into the refrigerator and didn't touch it, yet.

I felt good enough, after lunch that I said to John that it would be okay to do our usual weekend errands. So we dropped off the recycling, and then did groceries. I was very slow for all of them, and by the end of it I was so tired that I went to sleep in the car. When we got home and Jet was asleep from the ride for his nap, I just went to sleep next to him. I think that the flu wore Jet out these last few weeks, too, and he and I both slept for two hours. That was very nice and I felt far more human afterwards.

I felt good enough that I decided to use the mung bean sprouts I'd made. They were a bit furry on the root end, grown a bit too long, I guess; but they tasted good enough, and I used the whole jar of them in a package of pad thai with the leftover turkey. It came out really yummy and we all ate happily. I didn't feel badly afterwards, so I don't think I have what John and Jet had.

John and I partook of the cheesecake for our dessert. It was really good. Solid, rich, and very enjoyable. Nothing crazy, no nuts, fudge, or unnecessary air like the Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes have. It was just dense egg, cheese, and a few simple flavorings. The crust was sponge cake. Yummy. Jet loved his slice, and we each had our own. It was a hit. A good once in a very long while treat.

I still am not feeling all that good, so I went to sleep early. I need it, especially if Jet's up tonight

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