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December 29, 2002
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Quality and Buying an Eurovan

8:47 pm: We were experimenting, last night, and I may have triggered an unintended side-effect. At 11, Jet woke up, and instead of just nursing him the way I usually do, I put on a bra, went upstairs, and when I met Jet, I crawled back to his room and he put one hand on my shoulder and followed me back. We lay down on his futon, and he lay down and asked, "Nurse? Nurse?"

I said, "No nurse. No. Sorry." And he tried to nuzzle up anyway and couldn't find anything to latch onto. He grumped about it for about two minutes, then grabbed his bear, curled up against me, and went back to sleep. The pediatrician said that he pretty much doesn't need to nurse at night anymore, hasn't for a year, now, and that it wouldn't hurt him to cut him off. It was better, though, to give him other mechanisms for getting to sleep.

So I was there for him. I just didn't nurse him.

The next time he got up wasn't until 5:30. And I was in mild pain. Ah well. I slept well enough after 4 am, for some reason, the pressure just lessened when everything just got resigned about not nursing, yet.

And at 5:30, after nursing him, we napped for a bit on his futon and then he asked to go downstairs. The sun was just rising (it's near 7, this dark part of the year) and when I said, "Hey, Jet! Look at the pretty red and blue sunrise!" He turned, looked and went, "Oooo.... pink! Pretty!"

There was, indeed, much pink. He surprised me by saying something that was appropriate and not just an echo of what I was saying. It was pretty cool.

He had a big breakfast, even after the big morning nursing. He ate Cheerios steadily, then ate a whole mandarin orange, and finished it off with most of a slice of pumpkin pie. Mmm... fiber and plenty of Vitamin A. He really enjoyed it.

I was half thinking of skipping church entirely, today; but when John actually woke up, I found that I was mostly awake. We hit Cafe Luna on the way and I got a full double latte, and that woke me up along with the piece of coffeecake. Jet decimated it with a fork before I could even eat much of it, but the crumbs were yummy enough. So that was good.

Jet was running around at church, smiling at everyone. He just seemed to greet everyone and wave and everything. He sat with us for the beginning of the service and had no problems with attention span. He was quite happy to be there and watching and listening. When all the kids went up, he stomped out of the pew, and with a little herding from John, he went up to the front, sat on a completely empty side of the stage from Michael. He then proceeded to play with his shadow while Michael was talking. He scooted along his wooden seat, chasing his shadow fairly discretely.

After the message, he followed all the other kids back to the quiet room and, from all reports, had a blast back there.

I liked Michael's message quite a lot. It had to do with the probability that in the last couple of years, there's been a child born that will live to 150. Michael's question was, "What do you do with a life that long?" Are the morale decisions any different? Will we live any differently knowing we have that kind of time? The average lifespan of an American at 1900 was 48 years. Now it's 80. Is it now terribly different?

I liked his conclusion, which was simply that from moment to moment, what really matters isn't the quantity, it's the quality of life. That even with an average span of that length, no individual knows when their life will actually end. Living with the reality of death still has to happen, somehow. I liked that.

Jet was just roaring after church. He got a whole plate of grapes, melon, and, of all things, orange slices. He ate the rind as well as the pith. He skipped all the cookies, donut holes, and muffins, until after he'd finished his first plate of fruit. Then he went and nabbed someone's abandoned donut holes, from their not so empty plate. The donut holes didn't look like they'd been touched, and Jet just ate them down.

While I was getting my snack and coffee, I had three women all come to me and tell me that my little boy was the cutest, happiest little boy they'd ever seen. They thought he was just wonderful and they really enjoyed how happy and good he was. It was pretty cool having them say that, and I thanked them for it.

Jet fell dead asleep two blocks away from the church. He and I napped in the bedroom for a good hour, and then we both woke up, he got to nurse and then John packed a lunch for the car, and we headed for our appointment at the Outlet Mall.

We saw the silver Eurovan in the parking lot, with the camper top up. The young owner met us pretty soon after we showed up and we talked about his van, about what he was selling it, and about his plans. He and his wife had gotten a second black lab puppy and they felt that the van was too small for the four of them. They wanted to get a new truck by the end of the year, while the deals were active, and so they were willing to take something of a hit on the price if they could do the transaction quickly. I'll admit that if I were trying to get a good price on a car, I would not have said that.

Then we got to drive it. It handles much more lightly than the full camper, which is a good thing. It's even more powerful, and I really loved the full visibility without all the cabinets. Also, the wind was just wicked today, which was a big help, to know what the van felt like in a full wind. It handled much more nicely than the old Vanagon; but it certainly had a higher profile to the wind than the Passat.

In the middle of the drive, Jet started just shouting with laughter, kicking his feet, and clapping his hands. He surprised and startled the owner a bit, but the guy thought it was a good omen. *grin* I had to agree. Jet started that today. Just loud, manic laughter in big shouts. I don't know why, but it's pretty fun to watch.

After we got back to the outlet mall, the guy gave us about ten minutes to talk it over. Since the price we'd been kind of talking around was a good seven thousand less than the MSRP, the vehicle was only a year old, had been very well taken care of, and was mostly used for long trips, we thought it was a good deal. The guy had even spoken of having paid for an extra year's warrantee. It also had a clear bra protective coating on the front, which isn't cheap, added tracks for a roof rack, an extra rug in the main area, the seat warmers, and foot mats. All extras that cost a good deal of money. So we asked him how much he wanted for it, and it was less than we'd decided we'd pay for it, so we took his offer, and closed it with a handshake.

We talked through all the payment arrangements and then parted ways. It's been feeling kind of weird, all day, knowing that we've bought another car. Wow. What felt really weird, though, was finding out that we were paying him less than he owed on the car still. I can't conceive of buying a brand new car and having to take that kind of loss.

Once we got home, John and Jet worked and played outside while I did all kinds of chores inside. Watering the plants, doing laundry and stuff. I feel better today than I did yesterday, and it's a good thing. It's nice to not have a weekend that's a complete loss, again....

Jet likes the Baby Newton DVD. John brought the DVD player up so we could watch things in our usual spots. It was fun to watch Jet name the shapes and colors. He's getting some really good vocabulary.

I was also happy that he sat with us for dinner. He really liked the bread, and he nibbled the mashed potatoes and carrots, and left the rest. Afterwards, I was amused when he refused to even touch the instant cheesecake; but then dove right through a slice of the Junior's cheesecake. He already has expensive tastes. *grin*

After Jet went to sleep, I did, too. I need the sleep, still, as while I feel useful enough, I'm still not all well

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