December 13, 1997

Remember what I said yesterday about lazy? It was gloriously lazy to be able to get up around 10am this morning to clear, lovely sunshine and have no guilt about the extra comfortable, warm, cozy, soft sleep. It was marvelous.

John and I then wandered over to the Redmond Cafe, which is in the heart of downtown Redmond, and had a really hearty breakfast while watching the hustle and bustle of the place just before noon. We've never seen it quite that busy before, with all the tables full and the bar hopping. It was very neat to see.

Then to work.

Which is where I am now. Hrm. Don't get me wrong. I'm actually having fun, getting things done, and it's certainly not a drudgery at all. Amusingly enough, it's something that's been really fun. It's funny, how so many people say that, on their deathbed no one ever said that they wished that they had spent more time at the office. But I would, you know? That may seem weird, but I really enjoy being able to *do* things, to create things, and make things right. It helps that I'm working to build a tool that'll help thousands of people be more productive and spend less time wrestling with a tool and more time making their own dreams come true. It's just that, now, we can do all this and there's nothing in the way of doing it *right* and nothing in the way of getting it finished and out the door. We know what we're building, and what it takes to get it down right, and that's very keen.

That was something that I found out doing more studies about how people work and work well. It's that most people *want* to do a good job, they want to do something satisfying with their work and their time and the efforts that they spend. When office politics, barriers get put in the way of doing what's right and what's good and serving well, people get frustrated, cynical, morose, and then work's no fun at all. But when it's done right, people do more than they ever thought they could and take away pride in their job.

So I'm finally happy and proud of my work and job. Funny that.

What's funniest is that by plunging, whole-heartedly into work, I've found more ability to write. Odd. So, that's good. Do everything full-bore, and still take the time to sleep in late once in a while. Sounds like a life for me!

It's also getting nice to get kicked in the imagination with great frequency by Genevieve, and Raven's nonchalance about negative reactions to his work is something I desperately need. Too many of my works are killed dead with a single negative reaction that I really have to learn how to get around that. It's also good, in some ways, to be surrounded by people who are actively writing, simply so I know it's possible, again.

It also helps that I'm drowning in words at work, today. Just going through about half a dozen manuals at once, proofreading them all. It's very, very useful exercise for getting my English language skills back on-line.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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