December 14, 1997

Woke up early enough to greet the dawn without being too darned sleepy. As I walked out the door, the rain started to fall, so I took it as a sign and went for the Rangie instead of the Stoat, John would have more time than I would to get the top on it. I had to get to the church quickly so that I could look up an invocation and set up the sanctuary for the early service, so I kinda had to run for it. The dawn was making the eastern sky all pearl and pale mauve, blues and pinks, all laced with the black of empty branches. The leaves having fallen so long ago.

As I turned about onto the dirt road, suddenly I saw a huge rainbow, brilliant, bright hanging over Lake Sammamish on a steel grey sky.


As I drove, the streets were empty; but for a bearded man standing at the end of his driveway, face turned towards the sky. It was good to know that someone was taking the time to appreciate the lovely show.

It was Christmas Pageant Sunday. Weehoo. Lots of parents putting lots of work and lots of kids made solemn by being part of the service. They did great. I had a moment of confusion, though, in that, since the service was likely to go a bit long because of the pageant, I kept handy a really short sharing, just a quote. But neither service bulletin had a Deacon's sharing indicated. Lee told me to go ahead and do it, but it was odd to have no marker at all. Especially in the latter service. Then it was just weird having all these people that were just at the church for the Pageant and various and assorted grand children or neighbors kinda stare blankly at me when Lee urged me to go up, as they had no idea what a Deacon's sharing was, and it wasn't in their bulletin.

But folks liked it well enough, and enough people asked for it to be put into the next Comment, that it'll likely get printed there. So that's nice to know.

It worried me, just a little, when I had a grande latte between services and it didn't help me at all. I was still feeling tired between services. But I sat in the middle of the fellowship hall and had dozens of kids running all around me, and then someone recruited me to cut out pictures of the kids into circles to staple to ornaments that went on the simple tree, and that was very keen. The tree in the sanctuary itself was a bit of a Designer Tree, Evelyn did a great job of getting all the people who had enough taste to complain when the decorations didn't match their expectations and have all of them be responsible for the tree. So it is quite gorgeous and there were no complaints. Twice the blessing.

I was already exhausted by the time we got home and John and I made lunch and then we went into work, which is where I am now. So I'm pretty tired, but the dropdeadline is tomorrow evening, and I'm about done with everything, much of it is just off loading the people in the worst of the critical path. Gets everything done just that much faster when there's enough knowledge about how it's done. Generalist indeed. Hoorah!

Probably Christmas cards and lasagna or Boston Market chicken or something... though it's going to be interesting to see if I stay awake long enough.

I think that the only reason I'm going through all this is with the knowledge that I'm going to have nearly 10 days straight off during the Christmas holidays, plus, next week, I'll be doing training again, so no typing for a while. Good for my hands. I still have to wrangle a way to get stuff on-line during that time, but we'll see how it goes.

Fezzik is going to be boarded, and both John and I will be in San Jose for a few days, so don't be worried, too much, if there's a bit of a break here. Though, I'd be real surprised if I couldn't get to flick while in it's hometown.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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