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December 23, 1998
a year ago

New Start

Turns out that all the paper signing, yesterday, took a lot longer for everyone than thought, so by the time they were done it was nearly 2 p.m. and most of the folks had gone on ahead to get pizza at Big Time. I had a 2:30 appointment with my dentist, so I ate another Balance Bar and ran off to the appointment.

What a contrast, again. The assistant first went through all the care procedures for the new critter, making sure I understood everything and making sure I asked whatever questions I had. Dr. Snyder spent a good twenty minutes with my toothguard, making sure that it didn't mess up my bite and then polished it all smooth and made the absolute assurance that if *anything* felt wrong or painful that I should contact him immediately. No if's and's or but's or any attitude that would make me feel guilty about getting him to get it to fit right. That was pretty amazing.

It's really cool, actually. The guard has two layers to it. The inner layer is fitted to my teeth with a really accurate mold, but, in addition to that, they made it out of a material that, when held under hot water for a bit, softens up. The softened material molds itself to my teeth rather than forcing my teeth into their position, and then around that softer stuff is a hard shell of material that withstands the teeth grinding that I do. What was *really* cool was feeling the stuff mold to my teeth, not that the appliance was tight at all, it just kinda clung and molded. This new tech stuff is so cool.

The other funny thing was that Dr. Snyder's sense of humor was particularly active during the appointment. Not hurtful savage, but really intense even as he was really, really intent on getting the toothguard right, it was pretty evident that he was expressing. Turns out that four of the folks that had had appointments yesterday were no-shows, and had never told the office they weren't showing up. Which really sucked because the appointments already made had pushed out a few people who had needed attention sooner rather than later. So he was in a bit of a snit, though, from what I could see a completely constructive one, and the office was dealing with it well.

It was interesting, after being so utterly ecstatic about finding Dr. Snyder to find that some people had no clue what a treasure they had and were just no-showing on appointments. Yeek. I'm actually thinking about flying out to Seattle every six months just to have him do my checkups twice a year.

Anyway, when I put it in for the night, I went, "Cool!" as I felt the darned thing actually shape to my teeth rather than the other way around as it has been with the other guards. It worked well last night, and this morning I didn't have any bite problems. Which was really nice.

Today at work was kinda weird. Most of operations didn't show up at all as they'd been laid off, and we had a pile of new hire paperwork to get done as well as an 11 am meeting with a visiting guy from Xilinx that talked about our future and what we were going to do, how they saw us fitting in. That was very interesting. I really like what they're doing and what they want to do and how they see is in it all. That was kinda cool to see. But the talk went on well past 1 p.m. so I was starving by the time it broke up and still had lunch to get, errands to do, and some play in Fiat a bit before I leave for San Diego tomorrow.

I'm afraid I've been neglecting Genevieve's game horribly with all my flitting away from home. I've been home for nearly no Fridays in all the month of December, and we haven't been home for a whole week for nearly the whole month. So it's been insane. I feel kinda bad for holding up any part of Genevieve's game, but she's doing okay without me, and is NPC'ing Sephar just fine. So I don't worry, but I do like playing with the crew a lot. That's something that I'll be able to take with me wherever I go, so that's good. Nicest thing about electronic friends and interaction, it can go anywhere and nearly anywhen.

So it's been really quiet, otherwise. We got our errands done, most of them, including depositing our last pay checks. That was mildly odd.

It's a new start, it looks like. Whew.

Tomorrow we take off for San Diego, we'll likely have breakfast with John's parents and then fly away. There's supposed to be snow tonight, 2-6 inches of it. Ick. Before it all turns to slush in the afternoon. Which will likely be too late for all the darned flights into and out of Seatac to be delayed or piled on top of each other. I'll hope. Anyway, we'll see. The cool thing is that if modern transportation works, we should be having dinner with my folks in San Diego on Christmas Eve. Yow.

After years and years of the weather mostly cooperating with the times when we wished to travel, this last week has been pretty insane. Gah... anyway, I'll likely be off-line while gone. Looks like John and I are going to be working on the 30th to make up for tomorrow, as we actually aren't getting tomorrow off, and since we have no vacation accumilated, yet, we can just trade off a day. Not a bad thing at all.

Yay! It's nice getting into the holidays with most everything settled.

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