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December 12, 1999
two years ago

Scrambled Sunday

Fezzik woke up around 6. Grrrrrr... he came to the door and whimpered and banged on the door frame. We let him out, he started barking, so I called him back in eventually. Then he started to bark at us. A dog. He's just a dog. He's a dog with too much energy and boredom at once. He wanted out, he wanted to do something, and so he was running around and barking at everything while John and I made breakfast. The Blue Mountain coffee was just as miraculous today as it was yesterday. We also had sausage, some of the Short farm eggs scrambled, and toasted blueberry bagels, crisp and chewy.

Then we piled into the Land Rover, shoved Fezzik into the back and headed for Marshall Mesa. As we were going there we saw Debbie and Matt and Karen in their car heading the same way. John had called to say that we would be a little late, and we all got there at about the same time. That was really keen. The dogs were all raring to go, and Fezzik, this time was pulling at the leash to be let go. The problem was that, this time there was ice on the pathways, and I barked a little at Fezzik to get him to slow down and not pull me off my feet. We got to the bridge, and did the left turn before letting Fezzik go so that he wouldn't go the wrong direction, this time, because there was no way on earth we'd be able to run on the path today.

The dogs took off. Fordan and Boris and Haiku are all nearly white and Fezzik is as black as coal, and the four of them made a very picturesque whirl of dogness. They ran and ran and ran and Fezzik followed and followed and had fun wrestling and playing and being with them. It was really good. He really is getting better the more often we do this, and he lasts longer and longer. He also gets more grumpy with us when he doesn't do this, but I think, on the whole, he gets a lot happier.

We wandered the usual way, and the water in the stream by the path was mostly frozen. There were channels where it was running faster or deeper and the water was open, but the Sams had a great time skating on the ice, while Fezzik just plowed through the icy water. He loved the water, and went into drink and just wade around, breaking ice as he went. He didn't much like being on the ice, with the uncertain footing. Boris, on the other hand, would go charging across the ice, feet going in every direction, plowing into snowbanks, other dogs, and having a blast. He really seemed to love skating across the slick surface. Haiku, as usual, would chase her stick anywhere and everywhere, including bounding through the stream and over the ice banks.

It was really fun to watch them and it was really obvious that they weren't cold at all, while us humans were a little chilly in the shade of the slope of the mesa. When the sun got high enough and we got high enough, it was fairly warm. I had jeans, a sweater and a jacket and with the walking, that was plenty of warmth. It was a fun walk and the uncertain footing really helps my knees get a workout they don't usually get, the quads having to compensate for sideways pressures and minor loads, nothing that would break anything, but also enough work to make it so that my legs were pretty sore by the time we got back to the car. Fezzik couldn't lay down at the end because the little waterway was completely frozen over. He looked a little sad, but he was still trotting, running and getting down the stairs with no problem. So he's in much better shape than the last two times, this time.

As usual, we stopped by Costco on the way out. Stocked up mostly on TP, as we're running low. Two bails. It's not like we'll stop using the stuff and when it's a good enough buy, might as well go for it. Also got juices and various other things including boxes of mac nuts with chocolate because Harry and David's chocolate mac nuts is about $10 for 8 ounces and Costco had about 24 ounces of the macs with chocolate for about the same price. Sadly, they'd run out of the sweat pants I so loved, so I got one a size smaller, we'll see how they fit.

Eventually we wandered off again and went into town to get more of Fezzik's arthritus medication. Then, while we were in town, we went to an exercise equipment place just to look at what was available and how much it would cost. The LifeCycle line of equipment was very enticing because it's well made, has cool feedback and good random timing for training patterns of resistance and we'd used them in some of the hotels we'd been staying at while we were first moving here. They felt like they'd last a while. As John was trying out cycles, I found a really, really cool rowing machine, I think by a company called WaterRowing, where the resistance is provided by paddles in a container of water. So with every stroke I got the whoosh and contained splash of water. I was so delighted by that I was laughed with every stroke and a customer in the store was very puzzled by that, "Why are you *laughing*?" as if exercise had to be very serious stuff. I pointed out the water resistance and the fact that a rowing machine actually made water sounds so pleased me that it made me laugh. He looked mildly puzzled by the explanation, but eventually seemed to accept it.

I like rowing because it's an all-body exercise that I don't get. I really need to build my upper body strength or I'm going to just keep getting worse with my hands. I've beey typing quite a lot recently, but I think that by doing the weight lifting I've been building supporting muscle mass in my arms, and the things are feeling better. Everything is feeling better, so I think I'll keep doing it as well as resting when I'm able.

So it wasn't really until 2 that we got home. I made cold prime rib and cheddar sandwiches on bread we'd bought from Costco. Yum. Football and naptime in a small way for John. I went up and fixed another thing in the code. It's mostly loose ends, now. Mostly. There's just enough in it all to make me worry, still, but also little enough that I think I have most of the major functionality in for the feature. Some of the cleanup involves other folks, and I'll have time to work that through and discuss things with Bob tomorrow. That will be very good indeed.

I worked until it was well past dark, and got things done and then went downstairs, where John was working on things as well. I couldn't think of anything for dinner, so finally figured out that the potstickers that I'd made when I was making bow were still available. John wanted those, so I stuck them in a frying pan with oil and water and a touch of vinegar and set them to cook. A TV program later and they were done, sizzling and crackling and good and crunchy on the bottom. They turned out to be really good. Flavorful but not overwhelming and we ate them with garlic sauce and hot sauce and were very pleased. I'd forgotten what a different texture handmade potstickers have from store bought ones and it was a very good thing to remember.

Fezzik was really sore by the time we were dining. He couldn't get up for a bit and his legs didn't hold him the first time I picked his rear end up, but the second time they did better. Soon he was out the door and barking into the night, doing what he needed to do and getting down and up the stairs with a bit of stiffness. He was able to get around as he needed, he was just sore and didn't like getting up.

Then spent some time to package up the pen points for Sam and play with my pens. The extra-fine point is very fine and rather scratchy, so I took some time to smooth it out and the durachrome point really took to that well. So at some angles it really is as smooth as ice now, but it's also so small that if I go off from that angle at all, it scratches pretty deeply. But it is fun to write with. When I was done I saw Fezzik getting up to go lie on his bed, so I felt much better after that.

Finally, I was cold enough that I decided to just take a good, solid, warm epsom salt soak. My muscles were sore from yesterday and today's scramble over the hillside. The ache did soak right out and I slept warm and comfortably.

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