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December 13, 1999
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Meetings and Brainlessness

Filled with meetings day, and I actually thought that I'd get something done today. Surprise!

Though I did get everything that I'd done over the weekend into the code check-in and got it all put away and happy before the 10 a.m. class. It was a class on the tax consequences of both options and the employee purchase plan and how things actually work out with the IRS as to what happens when you exercise or buy or sell the stocks in question. It was very thorough and very good about all the actual tax consequences for these things that are happening to our lives, now. It was rather sobering to realize that, for options, nearly half of the gain since the grant is 'taken away' by instant taxes at a salary level. Now I see why the government has the surplus it's had in these boom tech years.

But it has to happen some time or another and, at least, we get to choose when.

The purchase plan stuff was more intriquing, and is rather neat in that a lot of it is tuned so that employees remain interested in the long-term benefits of the whole company rather than just the quick turn-around on profits. The purchase plan and the way the government's tax requirements work really makes it so that an employee does best when holding long and while holding long really working for the good of the company so that they benefit as well. It's a keen incentive and I can see why it would work long-term rather than the short-term of a quarterly invester.

Lunch was quick, went out with John in order to also get some things sent to the Salvation Army. We have had boxes from since we moved in of Stuff we no longer use, and it's been that long since we were looking for someone to give things to. Finally found the place to drop things off and it turned out to be just across from Juan's Burritos. So we ate burritos first, talking through all the consequences of our stock holdings without numbers. Just thoughts. Then went over there and dropped things off as well as looked through the Thrift Store, as Kathy says that buying old thrift rubber boots and cutting the rubber makes for great grippers for pulling pens apart. Sadly, or perhaps expectedly, there were no rubber boots to be seen in the store. I should have done this in Seattle.

The afternoon was two meeting until about 4 p.m.. When that time rolled around a cold has settled into my head and I was completely congested and my brain stopped working. Dead in its tracks. Foomp. I spent the rest of the late afternoon and into the evening just talking with folks from the Horde and wandering about the boards on The Motley Fool. All the chip stocks are down, from last week and this. Short-term investors are really weird. Listening to two analysts out of dozens, and folks predicting a future they can't know and it's all very strange.

So I had no brain. Just talked with folks and snuffled my way through the evening as John had to stay late to do things. So I just trundled about the net connections doing little things here and there and everywhere. Easy things and simple things that didn't require too much brain. I was pretty sick, so when we finally went home John offered to make dinner, and so we went home and he made ramen with whatever happened to be in the fridge. I went to sleep late because I watched football after that, and John worked like crazy and so I didn't really have a reason to go to bed until he said that I should.

Okay. Maybe, really, it was just because I had no brain and couldn't really think to get to sleep. He tried to make me decide what I was going to do tomorrow, simply by asking, and I had not enough brain to tell him, but just enough to tell him that I didn't know.

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