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February 12, 2000
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Today was errands day.

I really tried to sleep in late as I knew I was tired, but I wasn't able to sleep too far past when John got up. When I did get up, John had a plan, and put me in the car and off we went to breakfast. He decided to take us to the Sweet Tomato that was in Lafayette, it was the place Colleen bought a pizza from on the day we moved into this house. The pizza had been very good, and whenever we drove by this place it was very full, so likely fairly good. The cuisine it served was modern Italian, in the place was always packed weekend mornings with people eating breakfast.

The breakfast menu was pretty good, not too long but it contained most of the essential breakfasts one might want. I decided to go for the traditional eggs Benedict, while John went for the traditional breakfast with bacon, eggs, and hash browns with toast. We both had juice and coffee as well. The coffee wasn't that good, but I could write that off to being spoiled by the Blue Mountain. The eggs Benedict was actually done competently, the yolks were firm around the outside and runny in the center, English muffins were crisp around the edges, and the sweet ham was good savory contrast. The Hollandaise sauce, however, wasn't the best I've ever had and the seasoning lacked something, so it was more a plate of good ham and eggs on English muffins than real eggs Benedict. John's breakfast wasn't superlative either, as the hash browns weren't brown enough and the bacon wasn't crisp. It wasn't bad, but it lacked all the specific details of a really great establishment.

I really miss the Brown Bag in Redmond.

It was, however, breakfast that I didn't have to cook. So we were fairly happy and full when we got home. Fezzik was fairly dirty, and has been for awhile, in part because I was afraid to watch him when he was having eye troubles we didn't know how to fix. He was doing fine today, even though the eye was sagging, so we decided that we should wash him. Before we left I also washed the yarn I had finished last night and hung it up in the house. We then bundled Fezzik into Borax and took him to Mutt Puddles. It actually is a bitterly cold day today, as the sun still hasn't come out and the wind is blowing. The good thing is that the place has the blow dryer, so Fezzik doesn't have to be outside and wet if we do this right. We took a good hour to wash Fezzik. A complete sudsing followed by a thorough rinse with warm water, then the blow dry, and while he was still damp we put on the leave-in cream rinse. We then took him home, and left him in the house as we ran off to another errand.

For some reason there was an extra heavy frost this morning. All the trees and the ground are covered with white, like some mad flocker decided to do the entire world with a thick crust of white. When I actually looked at the crust of ice on the gate as I opened it, it really did looked like chunks of flocking sprayed onto the surface. It was, however, ice and it turned all the trees magically white. Now, I finally know why flocking looks the way it does.

We have to buy the linoleum for the basement this weekend, and the flooring store was only open until 3 p.m., so we ran off to Boulder to get there in time. There were several rolls of flooring that we had looked at and liked from last week, so it was a fairly simple process to pick something we liked. This time John actually had real measurements of the area that we had to cover, in the first roll we picked out was so close that the salesman actually unrolled it and remeasured it to make sure we had enough. It turned out to not be enough, so it was a good thing they measured. We ended up with a different color than we had originally intended to buy, but it looks fairly good.

We wrestled the roll into Borax, and then headed towards home. I wondered if I shouldn't buy some things for dinner, but John's plan was to head straight for home, I started whining and being indecisive, and suddenly realized what I was doing. So I sat back and let John get us home to the chicken wings. This time I actually broiled all the wings instead of roasting them, to make sure that the tops of all the wings got really browned. I even poured all the fat off halfway through the cooking to help keep things crisp. John called Kathy somewhere in there to ask advice about mobile phones, and then I got caught up in the conversation as well. The wings turned out pretty good, as John put it, they were spicy not hot, and were very tasty. A solid lunch that restored my equilibrium.

We gathered bags, coupons, and our grocery list and set off again. This time we went to the Safeway, the liquor store, and the Blockbuster video store to rent a movie. I really liked the Godiva chocolate liqueur, so I bought a pint bottle of the stuff. We were both also in the mood for something light, so we settled on A Midsummer Night's Dream, as I'd heard good reviews of the movie and John seem to be in the mood for it.

Back home we unpacked everything. The silk yarn wasn't dry yet, and I still had socks to make, so I took one of the flame colored skeins and put it on the winding wheel. I then set up the ball winder so I could balance it, and then wound the entire skein into a ball. I pulled out my sock needles and started on a pair of socks for John. Eventually, it started getting dark, so I decided to make dinner.

We bought good bread and salad makings. I decided to make pasta. One large egg makes enough pasta for one and a half servings, so I added about a tablespoon of water to the egg and then worked in both semolina and regular flour into the egg mixture until it was solid enough for pasta. After extensive kneading, I rolled it out with my pasta rolling pin and stretched it until I could nearly see through it. I let it dry while I waited for a large pot of water to boil, and then cut the pasta with a large knife before tossing it with more semolina. I then put the whole mass onto a cutting board. Then I opened a bottle of Ragu. I know, I know it nearly seems sacrilegious to use bottled sauce on handmade pasta, but I wasn't in the mood to make my own sauce today. So I heated the sauce while John made salad and cut bread, and when everything was done I dumped the pasta into the boiling water. It only took two minutes for it to cook, and when it was done I topped it with the sauce and some fresh grated Parmesan from Italy.

It kinda tasted like Spaghetti-O's. That was really funny, especially since it had the texture of handmade pasta, which was really good. The funny thing is that I really like Spaghetti-O's. It was one of the comfort foods of my childhood, and I really enjoyed this interesting rendition. I'll have to remember that traditional Ragu tastes exactly like Spaghetti-O's for future reference.

After dinner, we watched A Midsummer Night's Dream, and we both really enjoyed it. The plot was simpler than I remembered, but it made sense when I actually watched it. I think I have been watching As You Like It far more times than this play. I really enjoyed the usage of the old language with Victorian dress and some lovely acting on the parts of all involved. It was nearly midnight when we were done, so sleep was easy and deep afterwards.

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