Liralen's Adventure Through Life
February 2000
  2: Lost Days
  3: Lighter Day
  4: Thank God for Fridays
  5: R & R
  6: Sanity is Good
  7: Courage and Chinese Food
  8: Stability
  9: Reassurances
10: Good Progress
11: Coding and Communication
12: Errands
13: Simpler Sunday
14: Valentine's
15: A Better Tomorrow
16: Eyes and Bugs
17: Got It!
18: Snow and Getting There
19: Junkyard Cops and Ferret Abominations
20: The Illiad and Zombie Cops
21: Sleeping at Home
22: Sleep is Good
23: Chicken Fried Steak
24: Almost Spring
25: Mayfly Restaurants
26: Running Around and Romantic Dinners
27: Journal, Garden and Beef Stew
28: Frantic
29: Unafraid

A month of getting the code to stabalize, chasing the worst of the bugs, cleaning things up at work at a breakneck pace. On top of that I do the crazy thing and start a secondary relationship with Geoff, something that John says that only I would do. But it's a good thing, all in all, giving me a way to deal with some of the facets of myself and aspects that I have simply avoided in the past. It has led, as expected, to some really bad conflicts, but also to some really good days and some actual progress in those areas that have been frozen, on purpose, for years.

No one ever said growth wasn't going to be painful.

It is also fun, and Geoff's enabled my own discovery and even rediscovery of pieces of myself I had thought long dead or gone.

John and I have also stablized significantly, and we're actually having a good time and doing more stuff now than just coping with an area we know little about. The basement is getting along quite well, and is nearly done. We've even found good seafood.

Best yet, in the midst of the month, I got to do my yearly pilgrammage to DunDraCon, get caught up with the Horde, have a blast with Earl and Carl and generally had a really good time exercising my imagination outside the work place again. I really do have great friends, and I'm glad that I am in a situation where I can keep up with them on a daily basis. Nice to be able to have my friends with me no matter where I go.

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