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February 13, 2000
two years ago

Simpler Sunday

Sunny Sunday, warm and mellow and it started with sticky pecan rolls that John heated up. Yum. Sweet rolls and coffee, it must be the weekend. Simple and comforting and then I sat down with Fezzik and tackled his clean fur. He had a lot of matts and with the oils and residues gone from the washing, he was leaving loose fur all over the house. If I could just get in with the brush and brush most of it off, first, he wouldn't leave this thin haze of black fur on everything. So I tackled him, got him to lie down and then brushed both sides of him until they were smooth and gleaming and all the matts, knots, and burrs were out. Occassionally, when I hit tender spots, he'd wave his teeth at me, but would subside when I worked at them more gently.

I think I brushed a couple of lap dog's worth of fur off of him and I bundled it away in my bag of Clean Fezzik Fur for spinning with some day. It's so fluffy and light, and I'm not quite sure where his puppy shedding remains are.

John, in the meantime, was muttering at some peat pellets that he'd placed in warm water. They were swelling slowly and when they were completely swelled, he stuffed pepper seeds into a large number of them. They have to have a really early start because they take a while to get to be respectable plants and they have to be pretty hearty before being planted outside here. So I also started some sage and oregano plants as I wanted more herbs in the coming year. Lots of seeds were packed onto the growing pellets and they were put into the clear plastic box that the sweet rolls came in. A very useful use of the covered plastic. Should keep the water in, the light and warmth in and work like a mini-greenhouse in this climate.

It's very satisfying to plant seeds.

John went off to do errands and I sat like a lump on the couch and knitted and watched Food Network TV. Got about half of a scarf done before I realized I'd gotten that far. Didn't want to mess my hands up so I then trundled upstairs to dictate into the computer. Did three days of the last week, and then John came home. After letting him settle things downstairs, Fezzik suddenly came up into the office and demanded attention. So I hugged him, petted him and made much of him and he just sat and stared at me. That was pretty unusual. So I went down and we talked over where to take Fezzik for a walk, as it was obvious the dog was bored. Debbie and Matt still didn't have their dogs, so we were free to go where we liked and while it wouldn't be nearly as much fun as Fezzik chasing three puppies, it was going to be something. We ended up deciding to just take him around the neighborhood.

The wind was just howling. Fezzik's clean fur was being blown in all directions and we were being jostled by the force of the wind. The sun, however, was out, so it wasn't too cold, and we walked a good mile on the flat roads around the house. Fezzik really enjoyed it, not really caring how far we went so much as the simple fact that we went. He was high stepping and tail wagging and watching everything and sniffing everything else. That was really cool to see.

Lunch was leftover lasagna, which actually turned out to be better with reheating than originally. That was good. I only ate a thin slice and then got on the exercise bike and rode happily. It was good to ride. Afterwards John rode while I knitted some more as my hands felt better for the exercise. That was pretty fun. Then a shower to wash everything away. Yum. Clean feels really good.

Once clean and damp I went back upstairs to dictate a chunk of the rest of the stories of the last week, it took a while, and by the time I had Friday and Saturday left, my voice was cracking a little and everything was tired and hungry because it was nearly 9. So I went downstairs, made a quick dinner of yakisoba with stir fried beef, cabbage and green onions. It was perfect, not too much food, it tasted great, and was quick to make. Then I went back upstairs to finish the rest of the entries while John went to sleep. It was nearly midnight when I was done, and so I crept into bed and curled up next to John's warmth and fell fast asleep.

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