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February 28, 2000
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Today was pretty frantic.

Dropdeadline of sorts tomorrow and everyone in engineering had to finish everything before 2 so that we would give our integrator time before our 4 pm deadline and it was just bonzo bonkers. I had a nasty full-blown bug with detailed things to do to get it right and I'd been completely blindsided by a problem late Friday night. A section of code hadn't worked at all right, and I was having a recursion problem that was creating directories at depth until the OS ran out of directory length to sort them at. I had to get it all fixed today, this morning, if at all possible. New restrictions included everyone getting all their code reviewed before it was checked in and having the design reviewed before anything was made irrevocably.

So I was involved in my own fix and review, and then in three other reviews by other folks frantically trying to get things in.

All the time I was also holding a ragtag conversation with Geoff. He got the scarf, which was good, and we actually did pretty well in the morning.

By noon I'd gotten all my things written, working, tested, reviewed, and finally checked in and confirmed, and then had a really awful test of deep directories over our network that I had to do, which, as might be expected, really mungled up my network connection and between weird delays and my own stretched emotions and things happening with Geoff that I didn't know about, things kinda exploded. Badly. He had to run to class at around 3:30 my time, and we both left with frozen quietness and mine lasted through my tests, through an extremelly painful session with CeLena, through dinner and then after dinner, in the bathtub I just broke down and cried my eyes out.


CeLena really dug in tonight. Lots and lots of knots and problems all through my arms, shoulders, butt, back, and body. Two and a half weeks without and the gaming and travel stress and I'm a physical wreck. The hands are really painful today and the wrists as well, which is why she concentrated on the arms, but by the time I got into the bath I realized I'd have bruises for the next week on my forearms. That was just too much with everything else.

Since it was *that* bad, I scheduled an extra session with her next week and there will be the usual one after that...

John was a real sweety and got chicken wing and pizza from the usual place, but this time the wings were much better than before. Not messy with sauce, but crisp skinned and hot. That was really good.

Painful getting to sleep. Took writing a bunch of things down to actually quiet my brain enough, and even then I dreamed of what I had to write down. John was patient and noticed, quite usefully, that, unlike with Mark, I was a) functional, b) intent and not *afraid* to communicating what I really felt and thought and c) that I seemed to be doing much better than when he remembered me with Mark.

So. There seems to be progress. I just wish it wasn't so damned painful.

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