February 7, 1998


Certainty is a good thing. It settles ones life like the ocean on a summer day after the storms of the winter. Knowing that I'm likely going to be recovering from the surgery means that I can plan pieces of my life, to tell the Federal Court that I may well find it hard to get to jury duty in March. Knowing that I'm not pregnant means that I can take the painkillers without worrying and that I can hot tub without a problem. So that is likely going to remain a certainty for a while.

Took the test last night and the results were really clear.

It was a gorgeous day today, and Fezzik had gotten out in the morning, and a lady called to tell us that he was jumping a six foot fence to get into her backyard! Not something that either of us could believe as Fezzik's gotten old enough to be look mostly like a stiff old dog that can't get around too easily. But we went to pick him up and found that he was not only getting a fair distance away from the house but that he was getting over a four foot fence by throwing himself bodily at the fence and then scrambling wit his back feet to get over the wooden fence and go and greet a nice female collie that loved it when he came to visit with her and play with her.

Turns out that he's been doing this for the last several evenings... and I'd noticed that his chest and belly were scratched up, but I had thought that he'd gotten that from just lying on the ground, not from purposefully dragging his belly over a wooden fence to get to his girlfriend. So now I know why and it's interesting to figure out that he has a reason and that he's not as fragile or as indolent as we thought. Which means that he probably has more energy for things that we want to do.

It was interesting to learn all that about Fezzik and that he had, previously just jumped back out of the yard whenever the people had come out. He's a smart dog and persistent when he wants to be.

We got him and went to Victor's for breakfast, and then came to work to do a few things and get out of here as quickly as possible. Which hasn't been very possible. It's been two hours already.

So I'm probably going to bug John and get ourselves to Marymoore and let Fezzik play. Then Vanguard is tonight...

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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