February 8, 1998

Ganbatte Kudasai

Croaker says that the above means persevere in Japanese. Seems appropriate for the time being.

After I bugged John at work, we went to Marymoore and followed Fezzik around as he played with every dog he could chase and swam a lot and ran some more and a bit more. We met three other Newfoundlands at the park and most of them were both bigger and a lot slower than Fezzik himself was. It was interesting to watch the differences and how much more agile most of the mixes were than the Newfs in general. But Fezzik kept up with all of them and was happy and tail-up about everyone and everything he ran across.

I had to be very, very careful not to lunge for Fezzik at any time during the afternoon. To not try to catch him at all, and to be very watchful of my footing on the uneven dirt paths and on the shores of the Sammamish Slough. The uncertain footing would not do my knee any good if I slipped on any of it. So I was just very careful, relied on John for speed when that was necessary, and tried not to listen to the bits of my head that said that I should be able to run or at least walk *fast*.

I still managed to get a lot of walking in. Enough that I was pretty tired just from all that, and then John and I washed the tired Fezzik. It was much easier with him being tired. It was also nice and warm out, so we did it outside, which gave me more room for walking around Fezzik and made it at all possible for me to help, as the patio wasn't nearly as slippery as the bathtub floor.

On finishing Fezzik I just fell flat asleep in front of the TV while watching hockey. Completely exhausted. I woke around 7, and John reheated lasagna, made salad and we watched Canadian coverage of the Olympics and made fun of the American coverage. CBC, the Canadian Broadcast Channel actually covers the sports, in detail, from beginning to end when they can, and that includes the entire flow of a hockey game when they have it to show. Unlike the U.S. channels that chops everything up in a vain attempt to cover some of the events, cover all the athletes and every bit of their lives, and a few of the commentator's live histories as well.

I've always hated U.S. coverage of the Olympics. Ever since I was a competitor in fencing and finding out that fencing is actually a venue when I worked for the venue in the 1984 Olympics in L.A. I've had real problems with the way U.S. coverage focuses only on the things that the U.S. does well at, even when they might have a delegation there.

So we watched and marveled and thought.

We got to sleep around midnight. I woke up at 7am so that I could get to the church on time to set everything up that I needed to set up. I hadn't even really written a sharing this time around, but was hit by something in my head that wanted, very badly, to equate the nets of Luke 5:1-11 with the Web and the people webbed together by the nets of thought as the journalists. Then the wild-assed idea threw in the idea of Peacemakers and I remembered something about the Telepathy Project and the idea of all journals actually being a way to read the insides of a mind of a person you've never known or met or necessarily agreed with and that that kind of human understanding might be a first step towards real peace.

Okay, rereading the origial idea, it had more to do with omnipotence than telepathy, but I think I still like my view of it. Reading people's minds seems kinda cool.

So that was my sharing. It's a good thing I only have to do a few minutes of talking, as I hadn't had any time to look up details.

It went over okay. I got things done and realized, as I usually do that all time, for me stops at the point of doing deacon stuff. That I panic to the point that I really can't think too much beyond it, and when I am done, the rest of my life opens up to me again.

So I've written up the stats for my Kyriotate for Genevieve, and sent them to her, and it's a rainy day and Fezzik is snoring, completely zonked from running so hard yesterday and he needs to be brushed. I also have the exercise bike to tackle. Turns out that our pastor had an exercise bike that she didn't use any more, and I have had enough problems with the other one that this one might fit better and be of better use.

I'll also admit that I'm kinda avoiding doing it as I really hate how much the knee hurts until I'm warmed up. Another option would be to jump into the hot tub first, and then ride, but have you ever tried to be motivated to *do* something after hot tubbing? I haven't ever been anything but completely relaxed after getting out of a hot tub, so...

It looks like I'm just going to have to stop procrastinating and just do it... Ganbatte Kudasai

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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