February 10, 1998


It's hard to think of what to do for the last hour that I'm around. There really isn't much that fits in an hour.

Got up around 8, got in, had the status meeting and Bob and I are going to go around 11:30am. So that'll be that. I've gotten to talk with Bryant and things look like they'll be just fine, and worst case I can just ask him to pick me up at Bob's hotel. We'll see how far I can get after the shuttle stuff.

Maybe I'm being too darned pessimistic.

It's likely.

Steve Jackson Games is offering In Nomine choir pins. For some reason the Malakim pin really drew me, so I'm getting one for myself and for Faber. Though the decisiveness of the decision likely means I'm more Ofanite than Malakim, but that's okay, wearing that wheel would be a bit much for me, though it is very pretty, too.


I'll do okay. Hrm. Markleford's been writing again. Though it was partially my fault, too, as I met him at DDC a while ago, and it always reminds me of him. It's never been anything I regretted, but it's also not something I'll ever forget, so that's cool.

I'm blithering along and Bryant's reassured me enough that I think I'm going to be okay doing this. Best thing is that Bryant has direct access to flick.com, so I should be able to update these pages each day, at least while I'm staying with him, and maybe even telnet to eskimo for my mail. So Raven and others may well get their daily fix of me. I'll leave this for now, and might add to it if I get to a computer this evening or something...

'Til Later.

I was too darned pessimistic. The flight was nearly empty, so both Bob and I had plenty of space as well as plenty of room for our carry-ons. We got great food, i.e. a lovely chicken salad with ginger and sesame dressing, and I even got about an hour's nap while in the plane.

We arrived with no problems, found a shuttle immediately on leaving the airport, and got to Bob's hotel, which was renovating in plenty of time to call Bryant. Bryant was busy with an immediate demand from work, so Bob and I dropped all my stuff off in his room and then started walking to find Imperial Tea Court, which is on 1411 Powell. We were at 111 Mason, which we found to be parallel to Powell, so we hopped over a block and then walked 13 blocks up Powell. Nearly straight up Powell as the hill there is pretty steep.

After the first block or two my knee loosened up with the exercise and things went quite a bit better up the hill. Problem was that the other side we started going down. Not a lot down, as the slope wasn't even nearly as steep, but I realized then that I'd likely not make it down the same hill that I'd just climbed. It was also raining pretty hard, but Bob had remembered his umbrella and we did okay with its shelter.

Luckily there was a trolley going along the same hill that we were going up, so it would be possible to take it back. Not that we had to use it.

Bob and I found the tea court on the far side of Chinatown and went in from the rain. Bob was looking for a green tea, so we tried two of their greens, Bob got a Dragon's Well, and I got a cup of the Yunnan Green. They served it to us in the covered tea bowls where you use the cover to push the floating leaves back so that you can drink the cleared tea. They were both very good, but the Yunnan Green had the same characteristics as the batch that Jon Singer brought over a while ago, with the wonderful perfume and sweet taste at the beginning, but a fairly bitter follow through.

We followed that with a kung-fu style serving of the Monkey Picked Oolong, which was really fun to watch, and I really enjoyed the full out preparation that she went through. She started with half a teapot of the tea leaves, then rinsed the leaves for about 30 seconds, then dumped the rinse into the pour pitcher and the two tiny cups. The teapot was passed around for a sniff at the newly opened leaves, and it was marvelously fragrant. Then she poured boiling water into the pot to fill it, then closed it and then poured water *over* the pot. The pot was in a bowl at this point which was nearly a half an inch deep in boiling hot water. So the pot was being kept hot with the water outside as well as the water inside.

The tea was poured in about two minutes. The pot fit right into the pour pitcher, and drained well into it. The cups of tea were poured form the pitcher and were utterly fragrant and deliciously strong. We got about five steeps from the pot of leaves.

They closed at around 6:30, so they gave us a chance at last call, so I bought all the teas that I wanted to buy from them. The lady proprietor was very pleased by my choice of one of the ten year old pu-erh bricks, as she drinks it at home all the time, and also convinced me to buy a box of pu-erh mini-tou-cha which were marvelously fragrant and looked perfect for a largish mug of tea rather than either the 24 ounce tou cha I had from Special Teas or the brick chips I had been fighting with. Perfectly measured is nice for work.

We also asked her for a good restaurant and she pointed us up Broadway with vague instructions about a restaurant on a corner. So we wandered down the rainy street and didn't find anything that looked like a restaurant. But we were on the high side of Chinatown and I frowned at one intersection, mumbled something about a stinking rose, burned a very sharp angle corner that I had hoped would be there, and wah lah! it was The Stinking Rose!!

The Stinking Rose is a garlic restaurant. They do garlic like no one else can. And they do it beautifully. I called Bryant a few times from the pay phone in the back near the rest rooms and only got him after he got home. He then made a bee line over to the restaurant and shared dinner with Bob and I. Dinner was absolutely marvelous.

We then walked a short ways back to Bryant's two day old car and admired her muchly, especially the absolutely enormous trunk. I think that even I could have fit in it with my leg that cannot fold too well. And Bryant drove Bob back to the hotel and then drove me to the supermarket and then back to his place, which is where I am now, evidently.

So I am safe and sound and well fed. I even got a quart of soy stuff at the supermarket and had a hot mug of it to go to bed on. Warm is good. Bryant has even been marvelous enough to offer me a ride to the conference tomorrow rather than doing the two block walk to the train and then the additional two block walk to the center because of my knee. Yes, he is a sweetie, and he thought it would be a good way to get to work early. *grin*

So I was too darned pessimistic and I'm doing quite well. Okay... other than missing myJohn. Love you, John...

Heh... it's so good to have a sweetie that has Web access.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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