February 9, 1998

Getting Ready

Did the bike last night and it was as usual. Then showered and watched the Olympics until John finished putting a carburetor in the Happy Buddha. He had proposed going to sushi for dinner, but the Rangy's headlights refused to function, so we decided to just stay home and have pizza delivered and watch more of the Olympics from the Canadian channel.

So we did. Went to sleep fairly late, but I got a good sleep and got to work around 9am and spent the day cleaning up the list of things that I had to get done before the trip to San Francisco, including lining up nearly two weeks of training things that I'm going to have to do the two weeks after the conference, and tons of checklists of tests.

So I got to be pretty busy during most of the day. Later on I got to play a little in Maya's game, and finally got a few moments with which to think.

I'm terrified. Terrified of going to San Francisco with my gimpy leg. Terrified of, for once, not having real control of my body, for being injured and in a strange place. It's going to be really weird. I think I'll survive it, and I know that I have friends that will take care of me, but... it's still scaring the hell out of me. Not enough that I won't go, and not enough that I'm not going to do my best to enjoy it; but I have to admit that I'm really just scared of all the problems I could come across having a leg that just isn't going to bend beyond a certain point.

Bryant is going to put me up for the three days of the Software Conference and I'll be at the hotel for DunDraCon for the convention. So I'll always have someone around that I can likely call for help on for something if I get into trouble or fall down in bad places to fall down. Bryant even has a pager. Also, Bob Hamilton will be doing the software conference with me, at Moscone Center, so we'll likely be able to meet up and see each other once in a while there and possibly have dinner with Bryant now and again.

I have no real reasons to be afraid. Especially me and especially the Bay Area. I mean, I've lost count of the number of times I've flown, even, and it's just another time in a city that I love well, for it's beauty and grace, it's cultures and food, and the technology I can pursue. That will be good. Just the ideas I might get from the conference will be necessary for our next steps.

So I get to go. Dan, my boss, said today that he envied my going. It's the first conference we've sent people to for nearly a year, because Data I/O had shut down, completely, on conference funds for Synario. It's well past time for us to be going to these things again. Yeah, I'm staying at Bryant's to save the company a little money so more of the engineers can get to these things. I'll hope it helps.

Wasn't done until about 7pm, which is when John took me to a sushi dinner with good, hot soup. Then came home and he had to work on some stuff for tomorrow, and so I watched the Olympics for a while and worked on a character for Keely's angels game.

I realized that I usually cry when I overfill on emotions. It's not to purge the emotion or make it go away or anything, it's just an expression of an emotion that so fills me that I overflow into tears when I just can't hold it inside anymore. That's cool to know.

Anyway... exchanged a long strong of letters with Raven, and I'm gonna miss him while I'm gone. I'll likely check in from the computer that Bryant has in his guest room, but it may be infrequent, as I know I'm going to be exhausted from the 8 to 10 hours conference proceedings through the day. Soak it all up...

Packed the last of my things tonight, and it's ll ready and waiting to go. Fezzik is looking really sad, following me and watching me all the time, as I think he's noticed that I got the luggage out and am packing it. He knows.

Ah well. A sleep and then tomorrow.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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