February 17, 1998

Catching Up

Spent the first day back catching up on everything.

Nearly literally. It included all my email, all my phone messages, and then on top of that was about 8 hours of training, and getting this journal updated, and doing expense reports, trip reports, and conveying what I could about what I could remember quickly and easily to those that wanted to know. I am catching up on my entries as well, and they're taking a bit longer than I like, but there's a lot to them as there's been a lot to the days.

I also found out that my char, Sephar, in Genevieve's In Nomine game did pretty well during the last Friday playtime even after nearly being eaten. That was keen to know.

Lots of things happened today, but few of them were likely interesting to anyone. And I've stayed at work until nearly 8:30 pm to do it all, so I should likely go home and eat dinner and create an angel for another game sometime.

I had a really odd dream last night, though, that involved finding myself in this lovely house filled with lovely women and gradually realizing that it was a really, really high priced brothel. One that had most of the lovely women within it enslaved, deeply. To the point where they had to do nearly anything that was required of them. I saw an oldish couple walk in and from the sudden stances of all the women, I realized that they owned the place. About that point a phone rang and I picked it up. On the other end was a dead-voiced woman hopelessly asking if she really had to do something that, from her voice, really horrified her. My eyes narrowed in sheer rage, and I said, very clearly, "No."

I then pulled out the pistol I had and shot the couple in the backs of their heads, and then whirled about the room killing every bodyguard that had been just too late and were trying to redeem themselves.

What really kinda scared me about the dream was the image of those lovely women throwing themselves like unarmed, enraged cats at the bodyguards, some of them clearly not caring if they died...

That's when I woke up.

I have no idea why I dreamed that. A more logical dream from the weekend, actually dreamed Thursday night was the simple dream about my body's UI being broken.

I get to call Dr. Knight's office tomorrow to get the precise diagnostic and figure out what it is that I need to do and what I can do. There is some mention of physical therapy, which surprises me a little, but we'll see what it's all about when I actually get to them.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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