February 18, 1998

"Stay Awake, Don't Go To Sleep..."

Romances are easier on the eyes than science fiction. Okay, also on the sleep cycles and the like. I'm still in sleep debt, but haven't been using quite as much caffeine as I was using during the Con, which is likely a good thing. I'm still somewhat incoherent though, aren't I?

Anyway... last night I opened this package sent to me by Kathy, my sister, and included in it was a book titled Anyone But You which is a Harlequin Romance of the humor line. It's actually really well written and it's funny, worthy crying over and I laughed so hard at one point I couldn't breath. And, yes, I opened it around 10pm and went to bed around midnight. Not bad. I'll have to remember that the next time I feel like opening a book when it really should be bed time. Romances don't take as much time.

Had to get up kinda early to get John to work on time for his part in the training. And I've spent most of the day doing reports and the like.

Had some fun last night just nuking leftovers and curling up with John on the couch and watching the Olympics. It always kinda cracks me up when CBS puts a 'Live' in the corner of the screen on an event which the Canadian channel announced results on *hours* ago. I wouldn't mind it so much if CBS had said that they were all taped events, but as it is it's kinda odd to see them saying that it's live when it's so utterly obvious that it's not. Especially with such easy comparison of channels.

I also brewed a mug of chrysanthemum tea that had a musky scent to it but the taste was clear, clean and nearly sweet. Yum. Also, during the day, just to stay awake, I had been brewing myself oolong tea in kung-fu style, which means half filling the pot with dry leaves, and when one adds water, the leaves expand to fill the entire pot. It makes for really strong tea, and when I brew it for only 50 seconds, the brew is strong, hot, and not at all bitter. Enough to keep me awake happily.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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