February 19, 1998

Little Triumphs

Had a slightly shorter day yesterday. Finished up with training stuff, where I was learning the licensing slides that Chris made up and used to teach the folks here with. I am really, really short sleep, as I started to nod off while I was there. That was kinda embarrassing. But oh well. I think I have the gist of what's going on. Luckily, I have the source as a reference.

So we went home, so that John could get into soccer gear and I tackled the exercise bikes.

The bike in the hotel had been nicely set and balanced, so that when I had to bend my right knee, it hadn't hurt very much at first. Getting back on the old ones was torture. It didn't help at all to know what was coming because it only really made it worse knowing that I was going to put myself through it. So, instead of just pushing myself through it again, I took a look at the setup, raised the seat a bit. That helped immensely. Since I didn't have to bend the knee quite as far, I could get through the initial round of peddling without hurting myself too badly. Then the subsequent loosening made it so that I could apply real power to the pedals and just keep going without worrying about it.

Twenty minutes later I was an even more exhausted, sweaty and finally fairly relaxed being. That helped.

Cooking for dinner is going to be something of an adventure for at least the rest of the week. There were just so many things going back in the refrigerator and freezer that I decided that I was either going to use what we had or throw out what was bad. No buying food until everything we do have is all finished.

It makes for some really creative work, I think. I can't just indulge in buying whatever I feel like, and so I get to work with what I have. Last night I had seen some really, really old flank steak chunks, so I got a few of those out and defrosted 'em only to find that they were not only badly freezer burned, but rank. So I tossed those. There was a turkey breast that so freezer burned that it was entirely white. Toss. Then two bags of boneless, skinless chicken breasts, one of which had a couple badly freezer burned pieces. The other wasn't bad at all, so I used those, cut them up into strips and marinated them in soy, sherry, and a bit of cornstarch.

The veggie bin was sad. After tossing all the soggy, gooey or dried up and dessicated things, I had two red peppers that were still firm and crisp. So I cut those up and kinda made pepper beef but with chicken and red peppers. I had plenty of rice in the dry drawer, so used the one that I had the least of, and finished it off.

So I ate what was done and then sat and watched the Olympics, speed skating and downhill and put flea stuff on Fezzik and brushed him a bit, and thought about clipping his toenails when John came home. He was limping and had a chunk of skin out of his left knee from where he'd hit the ground when someone else pushed him. Poor John. I was glad that I hadn't gone because I would have wanted to kill the guy that did that to him.

It was much nicer to have dinner ready for him when he got out of the shower and we cozied up on the couch for a while. Missed cuddling with him when I was gone for the entire last week. We went to sleep soon after that and woke in time to get John to work for an 8:45 meeting.

Busy day today, so there's not much interesting to report. Just writing a summary of all the classes I had during the conference, what I got out of 'em and what I thought was important in each of 'em. Neeping a bit over maybe getting a Palm Pilot and picking up documentation for training to put on a CD for the folks that are being trained. Gretchen really got me interested and it's fun to see.

Oops. Had to run for my doctor's appointment. Sadly, my Schedule+ forgot to remind me of it, so there's another justification for a Pilot. John always laughs a bit at me for justifying everything I buy. He says that basically if I want it enough I should just get it because I want it. Wise man...

Spending way too much time with doctors, recently, but Dr. Emerson, my physician at Group Health is really cool. So I also told her about the insurance change that's going to happen at the end of the month, so she made sure I was covered with all kinds of things including a tetanus shot, so I should be all set for just about everything.

It's odd. I did get pretty thoroughly poked, prodded, injected, and had blood drawn for a set of blood tests, did all the nasty stuff that just has to be done for an exam; and I actually feel pretty good about being known that thoroughly. It wasn't exactly comfortable, but... it's odd to realize that my mind's gotten a bit bent by just how much pain I've been through with the knee. All this stuff is pretty much kid stuff for me. Talked with one lady that was balking at even the idea of a shot, much less the somewhat painful tetanus shot, and she was really, really worried about how much it would hurt as I was joking with the nurse while she was drawing blood out of me with a needle longer than my thumb.

I dropped by the bank, afterwards, to get cash, and limped in and cheerfully got my cash and as I was headed for the door I heard the cashier commenting that the limping ones always seem more cheerful than the regular folks.

I laughed a lot at that. Markleford always said that he thought he should lose a limb, then he might find some value in life, or something. He commented about that when he heard about my ACL, and I said back to him that he didn't risk his limbs enough to lose them, from what I remembered. But there might be something to it. If I can tolerate the knee, nearly everything else becomes easier more of a triumph. I actually thought climbing the stairs without using the elevator quite a triumph and it got me to laugh when one of the production line guys commented on it. So I got to climb the stairs with glee instead of indifference.

Yeah. Little, tiny triumphs. But the still make me feel good, which is the right way to be, I think. It sure beats beating on myself or my body for not doing what I used to do.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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