February 22, 1998

Full-tilt Day

Another deep sleep. It was very sweet to just sleep and sleep and when John had to get up this morning, I was able to just turn over and sleep some more. I got up around 11am again and then decided to ride the exercise bikes while roasting the rest of the vegetables. So I did that, and they roasted on one side while I rode and then the other while I cooled off and iced the knee.

When I was just sitting around icing, the woman whose collie Fezzik used to go visit called me to tell me that he was there again. But he was leaning up against me to beg some of the roasted garlic from me, so I kinda blinked and said that she had to have some other dog. John and I had been trying to keep Fezzik in close to the house and close to us ever since they'd complained about it. Turned out that it was some other dog. It was really good having him right there and I could confirm that the dog that was bothering her and her collie wasn't ours. I told her that she should probably go check that other dog's collar, and she admitted that if Fezzik was with us that she might have been taking Fezzik's name in vain. Which she had been, as the week before, when Fezzik had been with John all weekend, she'd called to complain that Fezzik had come and given her dog kennel cough.

Fezzik hasn't ever had kennel cough and I had to admit that one of the reasons we weren't letting him out was so that he wouldn't catch it from her dog. *wry grin* Some people are funny when they have an assumption. It's hard to give up on something that one has assumed to be true, and it took telling her several times that he was lying on my feet and drooling on me.

I also ordered some things from the very dangerous J. Peterman's catalog that Bryant had given me, and called a friend of mine that had torn his ACL as well and whose doctors he'd really, really wanted to recommend because they'd gotten him back on his feet in only two months and back into soccer in three. The team's really been hurting his season for people, so there were small ulterior motives, but I think he also wanted to just see me playing again.

During my time away John had bought me a t-shirt that reads, "Soccer is my Life. The rest is just the details." But John and I had talked a bit on one of our rides home about the simple fact that I often leave bits of my life behind. That life is life, and that all the things that I do and all the things that I explore grow out of each other, replace each other at various times and while I make some things a central part of my life for a while, they aren't actually my *life*. Like all the spinning and Shetland lace knitting I used to do, is now all past and gone.

The sky broke up around the time I finished my phone calls, so I went out and got my garage work jumper on and sprayed Fezzik's yard with anti-flea stuff, as he's been badly infested with fleas and it's taken a while to get them off him with the contact stuff that stays on his skin.

They seem to jump right back on him whenever that stuff goes down, so it was well past time to spray his yard and get those buggers dead. So I went out and did the anti-flea spraying, took extra care to rinse everything off correctly and spread the stuff around, and then clean everything up and put it all away. I then took off the jumper and went inside and took a shower. That's when John showed up to say that he'd love to see The Full Monty if we had the time. Turned out that by then it was about a quarter 'til three, and I still hadn't eaten anything, yet, and it also turned out that the movie started at 3:15.

So we just grabbed some of the roasted vegetables, stuck them between bread with a bit of cheese and drove off for the movie.

It was marvelous. I haven't laughed that hard in a very, very long time. I usually don't like laughing at embarrassment; but in this case it was... well... honestly, it was *consensual* embarrassment. They were doing it because they wanted to, and that made it, for some odd reason, all right with me. I really loved it. Also for the rather sweet humor at times and for some of the really great lines and for a lot of the sometimes gentle care taken to portray people that were in trouble or pain. It was very sweet, very funny, and just enough British for me to remember what British sentence structure is like. I enjoyed it greatly.

As we drove home, we stopped by the Redmond Center to check out a shop that did only chocolate only to find that next door was a new tea shop. They did tea drinks the way Starbucks did coffee drinks, which kinda scared me, but they also had plain loose leaf teas. So I ordered a Japanese sencha and John got an iron goddess of mercy and we sat and sipped and looked around the shop. There were some gorgeous tin cannisters that were galvanized and had an air tight lid as well as a lip lid, and were sturdy and strong and absolutely perfect for carrying tea. So I bought a little one, for storing and carrying, for a small while, the label of the tea that was in it. I have a lot of small samplers that I should be taking with me to work to drink, and it's hard pawing through all of them to find one when I am just looking for any tea to drink. So this'll likely highlight one sample at any given moment. That should be good.

Updated my entries here for a while and then cooked a fully experimental dinner. The roasted veggies got reheated in the oven, I added polenta fried in half a tablespoon of butter and two chicken breast halves that were marinated in ceaser salad dressing and then dredged in flour and fried in a few tablespoons of olive oil. They all turned out really well.

Okay... maybe food is my life, but then since I fully intend to be eating pretty much every day for the rest of my life, that kinda makes sense. *grin* The sencha tea took a lot more steepings after the first, so I've been enjoying it all evening. Likely I'll even get a chance to write in the Monster Truck episode tonight! Hoorah

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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