February 27, 1998


We're moving today. The whole office is a chaos of music, boxes, and people laughing and throwing things out. We're moving! Hoorah! My horoscope said that today something that looked like it was going to be out of reach is now right smack dab on my doorstep. Yes. Six months ago this all looked like it was going to be entirely impossible, that Data I/O was going to ride Synario into an early grave and not give a damn.

Now we're actually owned by a company that gives a damn and it's making all the difference in the world. Including something as simple as getting out of cubie hell and nearly all of us actually getting real offices! Hoorah! To be actually able to concentrate without noises provoking prairie dogging instincts. This is nice.

Though it's fun to pack in some ways. In other ways, it's a hell of a pain, and I've been kinda doing it all week, so I'm getting done a lot faster than anyone else. The best thing is throwing out all the things that aren't needed anymore. That's *really* nice. I'm down to the really easy to break things and have a box that I'll bring over with me when we visit the new site today. It should be good. It's all my origami bits, the ceramic gargoyles that usually live on my monitor and the full=sized CD-player that I usually have in my office. It's good for when I have my MSDN CD in the machine and I can't play things on my machine.

Boxes and the sound of the tape gun and just a few folks still on computers. I had to pack up my keyboard from Mars and I'm using a flat keyboard. It's very interesting as a change, though I'm now completely sure that using the new keyboard was the right thing to do. The one thing that I'm really going to miss is my recycling bin, which is nearly the perfect height for propping my bad leg up so that my back and hip don't mind it at all. Ah well.

We went to Victor's this morning, and John gave Jane the L.L. Bean fur-lined flyer's hat that John and I have for the Stoat. We got her a beige one and it has a really wild liner. She *loved* it and hugged us both and gave us both coffee for it. That was really fun. John's good about such things, and it was cool. She rows, and the early morning rows are just really, really cold, and she wanted one of the hats for rowing in. So now she has one, and it's in her colors. John said that we got the different color so that we wouldn't confuse it with our own.

I have mine for tonight. The Red Herrings are going to be playing on the same field that I messed my knee up on, tonight. So I'm likely going to go and watch the game. Maybe get rid of any ghosts.

The exercises that the physical therapist gave me yesterday were really, really useful before doing the exercise bicycle last night. I could also tell that they were working because my quadriceps just burned while I was riding. This really is going to build up my muscles, I think, and it's going to hurt doing it, but it will likely make it possible to even think of doing what it is that I need to do. I finally actually straightened my leg enough that my calf was brushing the floor when I had my heel and hip on the floor as well. It's been a while since I've been able to do that.

Walking with my leg straight has finally taught me what it feels like to have my thigh bone slip over my lower leg bone. The ACL is truly and completely gone, and by finally able to walk with the leg straight and the bones hitting the way they ought to I felt just how unstable that knee is without the ACL. So I'm likely going to be looking for a surgeon as soon as we're settled in the new building. I have about half a dozen now to choose from, and no two are the same. Four were recommended by a teammate, two were recommended by the doctor at Group Health, and another was recommended by John's mom, and that last was also recommended by the other four folks from the church that had had knee surgery or hip surgery done by him. They said that his attitude and information giving was good.

I have no idea how to choose between them all, other than to call and ask what they would recommend. Or something.

Heh. Choices, choices.

Oh, yeah, in case you couldn't tell, I am in a much better mood today than I have been for the last week. It's probably just the hormonal turn-off, but I'm so glad. It's just amazing what a difference it is to be able to think and feel without a cloud hanging in the background that has no reason to exist.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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